10 Interesting Things I Found on the Internet Gigantic Gigatonnique #100th Weirdiversary Edition

Michiel Schrijver

Welcome to the 100th edition of Interesting Things I Found on the Internet. This project was started during covid over 2 years ago and flourished and grown in popularity so I decided to continue doing it every two weeks. Here’s a collection of some of the stand-out weirdness and beauty from the past 100 editions. I hope you enjoy these! Cheers and here’s to many 100’s more episodes to come! See you round like a rissole.

Best Art from the past 100 editions

Each edition features amazing art and although it’s hard to choose the best art from the previous editions I’ve given it a shot…

Olan Ventura’s surreal splashes of colour in Still Life With Golden Goblet

Here is a quirky kaleidoscope of things that inspired me this week, I hope you enjoy them. Let me know if you have any things of your own to share…Much love

Olan Ventura, Still Life With Golden Goblet, 2019, acrylic on canvas, 121.9 x 137.2 cm

Hybrid Creatures by Naoto Hattori

Natalie Wong’s exquisite and strange fantasy coral murals made from paper

Natalie Wong's exquisite and strange coral murals made from paper

Read more

The paintings of Michiel Schrijver

His surreal and imaginative paintings are outside of time and place and seem to have an otherworldly quality that captivates me. The settings have a bewitching quality and are always in the gloaming of the late afternoon…

View more

Entrance to the Night by Michiel Schrijver Michiel Schrijver
Entrance to the Night by Michiel Schrijver

François Schuiten’s steampunk cityscapes ‘Les Cités obscures’

Immense skyscrapers and towering monoliths dwarf the citizenry in François Schuiten’s ‘Les Cités obscures’, a graphic novel series (1983–present) that captures the steampunk modernist aesthetic. Read more

François Schuiten’s steampunk cityscapes 'Les Cités obscures'

Exquisite Japanese paintings of an enchanted forest by Hirō Isono (1945-2013)

Exquisite Japanese paintings of an enchanted forest by Hirō Isono (1945-2013)
Hirō Isono (1945-2013)

Toshi Yoshida ( Japanese, 1911 – 1995 ) – Autumn In Hakone (1954)

Via Twitter

Bruegel: a fall with the Rebel Angels Immersive VR experience

Experiencing a medieval painting by Bruegel dating from the year 1562 like never before!

Maple Colour by Erin Hanson (2019)

Maple Colour by Erin Hanson (2019)
Via Erin Hanson’s website

Rural Rhapsody by Kit Boyd

Love the dreamy fairytale quality of his art, Kit is extremely talented.

Rural Rhapsody by Kit Boyd
Rural Rhapsody by Kit Boyd

Cosy paintings by Francisco Fonseca

Find him on ETSY

This intricate and exquisite coin that has a beating heart inside of it

This masterpiece is by the enigmatic Russian artist Roman Booteen.

Based in Russia, rising star Roman Booteen (spelled Butin) maintains a mysterious level of anonymity, while producing hobo nickel creations which regularly shock the coin collecting community with both their subject matter and complexity.
His carvings include pop culture figures, and he often plays with exaggerating and softening the facial features of his characters giving them a real sense of personality.

From his website

Celestially divine embroidery by Ophelie Trichereau

Find her work on Patreon and on Twitter

I am Ophélie, a French artist and I live in Edinburgh, UK.
I embroider by hand more or less large embroideries, mainly about the planets that inhabit our Solar System but I also explore more natural subjects like animals and flowers. I also do original illustrations, mostly in gouache and watercolor, my subjects are very varied but my universe remains rather colorful and poetic.
I am currently working on the creation of an illustrated CD book with an author, Mirélè Rozen, which should be published this year 2021 …

A sparkling Bladerunner vision of the future by Danguiz

A cat, a hologram of a tiger and a hologram of some dices: you can see some (or sometimes all) of these in every artwork I make. These Easter eggs became so meaningful and consistent in my artworks, that now they are a sort of “watermark” for me.

Danguiz via twitter

The lush and haunting feminine portraits of Aniela Sobieski

Via Collosal

Louis Wain “The Bachelor Party” (1939)

Via Twitter

Louis Wain "The Bachelor Party" (1939)
Louis Wain “The Bachelor Party” (1939)

20 Skies spliced into one image makes for a hynotising composition

20 Skies by Alex Hyner, buy it here. It reminds me a little bit of the painting ‘This Little Piggy’ by my friend Wayne Wolfson who I interviewed for this blog.

20 Skies by Alex Hyner
20 Skies by Alex Hyner

Victor Nizovtsev’s sublime fantasy art

Victor Nizovtsev was born in Siberia near lake Baikal in 1965 and studied at various art schools in Russia culminating in studying at the prestigious Vera Muhina University of Industrial Arts in St Petersburg. In 1997 he moved to the US and now lives in Maryland with his wife and children where he continues to paint and sell his art, with numerous solo and group exhibitions. Via Mariana Gomez on Twitter

Info via the Art Live and Beauty blog

Jumbo sized animal familiars and their cuddle potential

This gorgeous art is by the Japanese artist MonoKubo. He creates these cutesy oversized animal familiars along with tiny children who relish their girth and company.

More by Monokubo and you can follow him on Twitter @13033303

The macabre monster mash-ups of fantasy artist Patrick James Woodroffe

Don’t ask me to explain what is going on here, I’m just an astral tourist…

The late Patrick James Woodroffe (1940 – 2014) was an English artist, illustrator who specialised in fantasy science-fiction artwork, with slightly menacing and always compelling art that plunged into surreal realms. He collaborated with well-known musicians throughout his life, has a number of bronze sculptures on permanent display throughout the world and wrote several books. Something about his art captivates and draws me in.

Via Deep Thot on Twitter and Patrick Woodroffe’s website

Fishing for Escher by James Fletcher Design

This is a detailed and dimension-twisting fantasy world, I get ancient map vibes as well, it’s incredible! From his website:

The artistic works of James Fletcher are spawned from an imagination of highly detailed, surreal, dark, pseudo-psychedelic alternate realities, often with an aquatic theme, and populated by fantastical scenes and creatures.

Judy Garfin’s larger-than-life exquisite blumes and tangled vines

Judy Garfin was born in 1945, in Edmonton, Alberta. She studied sculpture at the Art Students League in New York City and painting and printmaking at the Vancouver School of Art and in 1973, received her M.F.A. from The Maryland Institute College of Art’s Hoffberger School of Painting. She has lived in Israel, New York City, Ireland and Italy and has traveled widely throughout the world, which has profoundly influenced her artwork opening avenues into image creation that undermines western concepts of hierarchy and artfulness. She lives in Montreal where she paints in her studio and teaches graduate and undergraduate courses in Print Media as a tenured associate professor in The Department of Fine Arts at Concordia University. Via Twitter and Judy Garfin’s website.

Desert Breath by Danae Stratou

This spectacular land art is by Greek artist Danae Stratou. She created this hypnotic and epic piece named Desert Breath in 1997. This was a collaborative large-scale land art installation in Egypt that extended over 25 acres and involved exquisite circular pits and mounds that attracted rain water and evolved over the seasons. Via Twitter

Luscious dabs of thick colour capture village life in Russia by Anastasia Trusova

Thick impasto dabs and luscious licks of colour by Russian artist Anastasia Trusova works captures a dreamy, bucolic scene using in what she calls “textured graphic impressionism,” a unique style that expresses emotion through detail and volume. Via Colossal on Twitter

The incredible still life paintings of Victor Muller

Personally, I love the still silence and the eerie otherworldliness of these paintings, looking at them is like staring into a dream of the unconscious.

Dreamy art by Googie McCabe

Dreamy art by Googie McCabe
Dreamy art by Googie McCabe

Hasui Kawase’s serene glimpses into Japanese history

Hasui Kawase was born in Tokyo in 1883 and is regarded as one of the foremost landscape artists of the 20th Century. The son of a silk braid merchant, he studied Japanese-style painting with Kiyokata. His prints are based on small sketches and watercolours that he took from nature. Many of his woodblocks and sketches were destroyed in the 1923 earthquake and the rare few that remain are considered to be priceless in value now.

Via Deep Thot on Twitter

Kaii Higashiyama

Kaii Higashiyama was born at Yokohama in 1908, he was one of the most popular artists in post-war Japan and is known for his Nihonga style paintings, he died in 1999. I love the deep green serenity of stillness of these paintings and otherworldly feeling of peace about them.

Dinosaurier auf der Autobahn, 1980 by Giuseppe Reichmuth

Giuseppe Reichmuth was born in 1944 in Zürich, he does not belong to any art movement and instead the only fixed attribute to his art is a sense of humour and a sense of fun. As you can see here with his posters about Dinosaurs on the motorway. In the 80’s, this series of artworks was popular all over the world and could be seen on Tshirts, books and posters, especially in the USA.

Terry Watkinson’s soothing and otherworldly Canadian landscapes

Terry Watkinson is from Thunder Bay, Northern Ontario. He is both a musician and a visual artist and he along with his rock band Max Webster, which toured extensively in Canada, the USA and Europe, and produced five Gold albums. When Max Webster broke up Terry returned to University and became a medical illustrator. He now works as an artist and has gallery exhibitions twice per year. He’s inspired by the landscapes of Ontario and conjured up imaginary scenes from the landscapes.

Ever wanted to haunt somebody else’s dreams?

There is something seriously creepy, eerie and wrong about the colour palette of this art, the floating ghostly figures also lend this art a psychological horror vibe. Although I searched long and hard for it….I couldn’t find who the original artist is who created this, which lends even more of a mysterious vibe of it!

Found via Twitter, artist unknown.

Omar Rayyan’s delightful and romantic garden imaginarium: ‘Midnight Moonlight’

I just love the Beatrix Potter vibes of this enchanted painting by Omar Rayyan so much!

Upon graduating from the Rhode Island School of Design many years ago, Omar Rayyan settled on the island of Martha’s Vineyard. The bucolic surroundings compliment and help inspire his “old world” aesthetic toward painting. He enjoys looking to the past for inspiration and guidance from the great oil painters of the Northern Renaissance and the Romantic and Symbolist painters of the 19th century.

Found via Deep Thot on Twitter and Omar Rayyan’s website.

Inspiring Pre-Raphaelite Artist of Hope – Evelyn De Morgan

Evelyn De Morgan was a Pre-Raphaelite artist of the Victorian era who defied the conventions of the deeply conservative Victorian society she was raised in, Evelyn De Morgan dared to be different and studied at the prestigious Slade School of Art, before being invited to exhibit at the exclusive Grosvenor Gallery when she was just 20 years old. This was an astonishing achievement for a woman at the time. Her hope for a feminist future is highlighted in the paintings on display in the exhibition.

Her art is a potent symbol of hope during the pandemic era as it ever was. You can see an exhibition of her work at the Towneley Hall Museum.

Paintings within 1000’s of other paintings by James Fenner

The detail captured in this moving masterpiece is just mind-blowing.

For a year James Fenner expanded this illustration weekly over on his Instagram. Here is the final result of this intricate and magnificent work.

Here is a version of this animation on Youtube as well…

Mirrored sky landscapes by Japanese photographer Shota

These images fill me with a sense of serenity and calm and remind me a little of a Ghibli anime.

Via Shota on Twitter

Best Inspirational Tidbits from the past 100 Editions

I know you like the tasty, uplifting morsels of spiritually nourishing positivity in these posts, so here are some of my favs…

You’re already beautiful now by Titsay

This has to be the most wholesome and nourishing Twitter account out there. I have been courting her for an interview, but she is being a bit coy about it, I think she is really busy with her art, so that’s great!

You are the sum of so much love by the Cryptonaturalist

Yes, we are the product of our DNA.
The product of evolution.
But, we’re also the product of countless choices to be kind.
How much active kindness does every child need?
Every community? Your ancestors didn’t survive without willful kindness.
You are the sum of so much love.

The Cryptonaturalist

Softness is not weakness

“Softness is not weakness. It takes courage to stay delicate in a world this cruel.” Beau Taplin

Raffaello Sorbi – An Italian Girl with Doves. Via Twitter

Cutest animals from the previous 100 editions

There were so many worthy of inclusion that elicit loads of warm and fuzzy feelings but here are some of them…

This doggo’s selfie in the park

This naughty pup pressed record on a phone in the park and took a selfie. What a handsome and distinguished boy. Special mention goes to the little tongue poking out.

A Koala fingerprint (left) versus a human fingerprint

This similarity has led to much confusion by Australian police over the years, with crimes committed in Eucalyptus forests (or maybe that’s just what I hope!). Perhaps the Police just don’t have the right koalifications. Other animals with fingerprints include close relatives of humans chimpanzees and gorillas. Read more

A Koala fingerprint (left) versus a human fingerprint.
Top row: Standard ink fingerprints of an adult male koala (left) and adult male human (right). Bottom row: Scanning electron microscope images of epidermis covering fingertips of the same koala (left) and the same human (right). (Image credit: Macie Hennenberg, et al. and naturalSCIENCE)

A beautiful Beluga Whale is mesmerised by a violin

His smily, gentle grin is enough to calm and soothe your nerves completely.

The Pudu – the world’s smallest deer

They weigh about 11 kilos and are found in Ecuador, Peru, Chile and Argentina. Read more

These dogs being pulled along in some tyres in the snow

If this exists in the world. Everything is going to be OK.

Nanny the beautiful grey moggy living her best life with her human in the Colorado Rockies

Apparently the internet loves her back because she has a much-anticipated 2021 calendar coming out.

This unhappy frog in an Australian forest

Like a squeaky dog toy from hell

Is your cat a (cute) little asshole? Maybe build a fort for him!

Call it Fort Asshole!

Via Jane Cornwell on Twitter

Godzilla met King Kong when they were just kids!

Togo the Brave

In 1925, a deadly diphtheria outbreak affected the lives of 10,000 + in Nome, Alaska. With the weather to harsh to fly in the anti-toxin. Togo the Husky lead the sledge dog team that delivered the serum, traversing 674 Miles, some said he was on his last legs at age 12 years old, but he had a strong heart and persevered. He delivered the vaccines. If you are interested in Togo’s story, it was recently made into a really great movie.

Togo the Brave
Togo the Brave

Sargeant Stubby was the bravest soldier on four paws

Sergeant Stubby was a courageous WWI soldier dog who warned soldiers of mustard gas and found wounded men. He served for 18 months and participated in 17 battles. He lived through the war and passed away peacefully at home in 1926. Bless you solider dog for your service.

I say four paws not four legs, because there were also plenty of cats, horses and other animals with four legs who were brave for humans and their pointless, stupid wars as well. Via Reddit

Sargeant Stubby was the bravest soldier on four paws
Sargeant Stubby was the bravest soldier on four paws

Sampson is allowed into the lab, so long as he wears full PPE

A Golden Retriever named Sampson who is the companion of a scientist at the University of Illinois has been given permission to accompany his mistress in the lab so long as he wears full PPE including a lab coat, plastic booties and goggles. Human friend Joey suffers from chronic pain and Sampson can anticipate when she needs help and can sound the alarm. Sampson is a gentle giant gentleman scientist, one small step for a doggie, one giant leap for science. Via Rex Specs

Rambunction, aural delight and elephant-to-human connection

Youtube’s algorithm delivered magic to me again with this beautiful video taken at Dubbo Zoo with acclaimed Indigenous artist Allan McKenzie, a Gamilaroi/ Wiradjuri man whose didgeridoo symphony for the elephants caused rambunction, delight and trumpeting joy.

When twin souls meet: Robin Williams met Koko the Gorilla

In 2001, the unforgettable and soulful Robin Williams met with the unforgettable and soulful Koko the Gorilla at The Gorilla Foundation. Following the death of her gorilla companion, Williams made Koko smile for the first time in six months. They laughed, embraced, tickled and played together.

In 2014, when Koko was told of Robin’s death, she signed the word “cry” in sign-language. Koko died in 2018 peacefully in her sleep, of old age. Rest in Power Robin and Koko, I like to think that you both are together now beyond the veil in a gorilla-human embrace.

Fly away rainbow beauties!

A group of critically endangered macaws are released from captivity into the wild. Fly away far and free beauties and may you find some safe rainforest shelter, food and plenty of opportunities to mate and propagate your species!

Mary River Turtles: the most endangered punks

Mary River Turtles have green Mohican-style hair-dos made of algae and can breathe through their genitals. Photo: Chris Wan Vyk. Via Space Star Fish on Twitter

Mary River Turtles were first formally discovered in 1994, and eluded discovery in their natural environment for nearly 30 years. There has been a dramatic decrease in their population due to low reproduction rates and an increase of depredation on nests. Let’s all hope that these beautiful turtles survive.

Mary River Turtles: the most endangered punks

Most interesting music

Interesting is a subjective quality of course, but here’s some that were memorable for me and I hope you agree….

Nick Cave performing Stagger Lee in Copenhagen is electrifying

I have seen Nick live three times so far and his live performances of this song Stagger Lee are always a big highlight. The song escalates and gets harder, darker and more intense as it goes on. This is definitely my favourite Nick Cave song because of how incredible it is to see live. Who would have thought a song about sodomy and murder would be so unbelievably amazing.

Welcome to the Khruangbin funk train

Funkadelic purveyors of sunshine grooves Khruangbin have released another genius video clip. This time two very cool characters build and rate some choice sandcastles in the middle of London. I just can’t even!!! It’s too good to even put into words haha. If you don’t know who Khruangbin are, welcome to a world of funky laid-back tunes

Spacey, South Island Vibes by Haast – Hāwea (2019)

This is an incredibly playful, buoyant and enjoyable ambient album that features field recordings of birds and atmospheric wind elements in various parts of the Central Otago Lake District of New Zealand. Haast -Hāwea is a electronic music producer from Otago who creates psychadelic new age soundscapes.

Emapea – Seeds, Roots and Fruits

Welcome to the funky, chill-out afterhours vibes of YouTube

Fly Kin Mountain – Cloud Salvo

Swirling, echoey dub and ambient music for your listening pleasure.

Toshiya Sukegawa (助川敏弥) – Bioçic Music: Aqua

Janko Nilovic & The Soul Surfers – Maze of Sounds

All The Gold In California by Nick Cave & Warren Ellis

Song of the Day is an amazing and eclectic selection of little-heard music from my blogger friend William A1000Mistakes I have to agree that this Nick Cave and Warren Ellis song, taken from the soundtrack to True Detective is a real classic.

Gitkin – Catnip

Aside from the cool name of Catnip, this is a nice tasty bit of Arabic psychedelic surf-rock

I Was a Teenage Werewolf by The Cramps

Habibi by Orange Blossom

French band Orange Blossom who I found randomly on Youtube are an incredible blend of trip-hop, Middle Eastern music, rock and other genres. I am in love with this band!

Lush – Out of Control

Lush are a really amazing band from the 90’s that aren’t talked about often, but they are criminally underrated. I love the sweeping, epic guitars and swirling floaty vocals here in a song of theirs from 2016. The video clip with the murmurations of starlings at sunset, it’s very dreamy!

Saturday Night Palsy by TISM

TISM (which stands for This is Serious Mum) is a very strange but iconic Australian band of the 80’s and 90’s that released meme-like songs and video clips that went viral before the internet on an ancient dusty thing called MTV, where videos played and nobody really had a say in what they were able to watch. If you want to learn more about amazing and obscure Australian music then A1000Mistakes is your man. He always showcases great selections of little heard music from AU and NZ. Check out his blog here.

The Ocular Audio Experiment – The Witch’s Whispering Tomes (Part 1)

A trippy psychadelic album that will put you into a trance-like state. The cover here actually matches the sound of the music, which was a pleasant discovery.

Hiroshi Yoshimura (吉村弘) – Soft Wave For Automatic Music Box (early works 1973-76) FULL ALBUM

Another amazing and atmospheric Japanese ambient album, or Environmental Music as it’s also known, it carries you away into another realm.

An atmospheric dub techno mix by F1rstpers0n

I love how the hypnotic misty alpine landscape lends itself well to the mysterious a deep techno mix.

Weird and cool morsels that I can’t classify but that should enjoyed again section

ASMR micro cooking with wool

Ever wanted to know what it would be like to cook with woolen food and woolen utensils in a woolen kitchen? Now you know!

Godzilla finally gets granted a Japanese citizenship

He seems very thankful, there is a respectful half bow.

Godzilla finally gets granted a Japanese citizenship

Remarkably life-like felted cats by Wakuneco

Intricate, exquisite 3D cat portraits that are handcrafted from felt to look exactly like photos. And yes, you can request to have your kitty rendered in this way, all she will need is a photo!

These creepy cute doll twins who terrorised London

Creepy doll twins freak people out in Central London

Nüshu: an ancient sacred Chinese script used by women only

This elegant and beautiful female-only language dates to the Song dynasty (960-1279 BC) or even the Shang Dynasty more than 3,000 years ago in China, an ancient coda feminista.

Nüshu is a women’s-only script that was passed down from mothers to their daughters in feudal-society China

Nüshu provided a way for women to cope with domestic and social hardships and helped to maintain bonds with friends in different villages. Convivial words of friendship and happiness were embroidered in Nüshu on clothing. Although it wasn’t spoken, when women gathered, Nüshu was chanted or sung in poems or songs that talked of personal regrets, marriage complaints, support or advice using Nüshu words. Read more on the BBC

Polar Bear rampages through Dundee

In November 1878, a polar bear brought back by Arctic whalers escaped into the streets of Dundee. After charging up Commercial St, he broke into a clothier’s shop on the High St (it’s now a gift shop). he was recaptured after got distracted by a mirror. #OldWeirdScotland

The tailor and a customer were in the shop at the time and hid behind the counter. Amazingly no-one (including the bear) was injured, except for a dress mannequin in the shop window– it got badly mauled. Via Twitter

Polar Bear rampages through Dundee
Polar Bear rampages through Dundee

Medieval Myths Bingo

There’s a whole lot of silly cliched things that happen in medieval films and TV series that likely didn’t occur during medieval times. Read more about why these things are myths in the always provocative and interesting myth-busting history blog Fake History Hunter

Medieval Myths Bingo by Fake History Hunter
Medieval Myths Bingo by Fake History Hunter

Björk at Wjörk – Sex Ed Teacher

In this funny comedy skit by a group of Melbourne musicians and artists, Björk tells us about how sex works – very amusing hehe.

Pages from a Breton Spell Book

From one of the most compelling blogs on WordPress – Bonjour from Brittany


Almost a quarter of all the spells in this grimoire are devoted to what can loosely be called love; formulas talk of winning, catching or gaining the affection or love of a girl or woman.  Magic could be called upon to break through the societal barriers caused by rank and riches but such spells were not for the fainthearted. To gain the friendship of a girl of any quality, one needed to note when a mare was born of a foal and immediately cut a piece of flesh straight from its forehead and dry it, from noon precisely, in the sun on Jupiter’s day. After collecting the dried flesh at the death of the sun, one needed to grind it to a powder and feed it to the object of one’s affections.

Bonjour from Brittany

The bewitching bejewelled Lindau Gospels

Named after the Abbey of Lindau on Lake Constance (Germany), where it was once housed, the Lindau Gospels ranks as one of the great masterpieces of book-binding and was constructed and put together at different times. The back cover dates from Salzburg 8th Century A.D, the front cover was made in eastern France 100 years later and it was written in and illuminated in a monastrery in St Gall. Switzerland. Read more

Björk as extravagant fungi

A cardboard horse named Rustle and his cardboard-clad owner ponder their existence in hotel quarantine in Sydney

A whole lot of papery suspense and intrigue ensues…

Latin insults and swear words

If someone really pisses you off, here’s some ways to creatively respond…

Latin insults and swear words
  • Faex – shit
  • Irrumator – Bastard
  • ede faecam- Eat shit
  • Mentula – Penis
  • Meretrix – Prostitute
  • Bovis Stercus – Bullshit
  • Futue te ipsum – Go fuck yourself
  • Es scortum obscenus vilis – You are a vile, perverted whore
  • Es mundus excrementi – You are a pile of shit
  • Moecha Putida – Dirty slut
  • Podex perfectus es – You’re a complete arsehole
  • Potes meos suaviari clunes – Kiss my arse
  • Futue te ipsum! – Go fuck yourself!
  • Perite – Fuck off!
  • Fututus et mori in igni – fuck off and die in a fire

“I got pregnant during a computer sex chat!”

“Internet surfer Clarence Kudrow was so good as a cybersex partner he may have actually gotten a woman pregnant online!”. Via Pulp Librarian on Twitter

"I got pregnant from being in an online chat room!"
“I got pregnant from being in an online chat room!”

How to make flying dragons (1634)

The flying dragon is somewhat troublesome to compose, it must be made of either dry or light wood or crooked lane places, or of thin whalebones covered in Muscovie glass and painted over. In the body thereof, there must be a void to pass the rope through, unto the bottom of this cane must be bound one or two large rockets.

The Mysteries of Nature and Art (1634) — an illustrated manual for building devices relating to water works, fireworks, drawing, painting + miscellaneous experiments “confusedly intermixed”:
Public Domain Review

Women of The Outer Hebrides – Waulking Song | AI Enhanced 1941 Film

A group of women are seen ‘waulking’ or tucking Harris tweed cloth, a technique to remove oil and dirt. Women on the Outer Hebrides used these occasions for singing and socialising. The process has since been replaced with industrial processing of the wool. The film is by Jack Cardiff who was also the cinematographer for the classic British films Black Narcissus (1947) and the Red Shoes (1948).

Full moon macabre hijinx

Full moon macabre hijinx
Full moon macabre hijinx

The mythical Boobrie of Ayrshire in Scotland

This is a gigantic aquatic bird is fabled to inhabit the lochs and open water around the west coast of Scotland. They are quite bloodthirsty and prefer sheep and cattle but aren’t fussy and may eat people! Via Stephen G Ray on Twitter (Painting origin: unknown)

The mythical Boobrie of Ayrshire in Scotland
mythical Boobrie of Ayrshire in Scotland

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  3. Very welcome dear friend 😘 you definitely belong in this August company…its a natural inclusion and I could have included much more from your blog…I will in future of couse 🙂 Rabbit holes is right….it’s good to create these little places on the internet that are cosy. I hope you enjoyed your drink and watching, big hugs to you 🤗


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