10 Interesting Things I found on the Internet #33

Lake Baikal Zen

Yo-ho-ho and a bottle of coconut water, welcome to another dimension-coasting, mind-contorting journey into the weird and wonderful world of the internet. Featuring some guest stars and some of the same old cast you know and love. I hope you will join me…

A bee-faced mushroom shaman from 9,000 years ago on a cave wall

In the Sahara Desert there is a mysterious cave called Tassili n’Ajjer that harbours drawings that are estimated to be between 9,000 years ago and 4,000 years ago. Some are estimated to be 12,000 years old.

Ancient shaman takes mushrooms and is immortalised on a cave wall
Via Open Culture

One carving depicts a shaman with a human body and a bee-like insectoid face. He (or she) holds mushrooms while his whole body morphs and comes alive with energy and light. The theory goes that this rock art is the depiction of a psychedelic experience on mushrooms. Perhaps the shaman foresaw that he would be revered by thousands of people all over the world several millennia later?

Via Open Culture

This cosy bed view that overlooks a snowy wilderness

This cosy bed view that overlooks a snowy wilderness

Ukiyoe Small Museum of print art in Kyoto Japan

Apparently this guy opens when he wants and closes when he wants. Work life balance, Japanese Zen style.

Via Reddit

Björk in a record store in London in the 90’s

I love how she’s so into that guy in the record shop, she is such a fascinating woman with a strong energy.

This intricate and exquisite coin that has a beating heart inside of it

This masterpiece is by the enigmatic Russian artist Roman Booteen.

Based in Russia, rising star Roman Booteen (spelled Butin) maintains a mysterious level of anonymity, while producing hobo nickel creations which regularly shock the coin collecting community with both their subject matter and complexity.
His carvings include pop culture figures, and he often plays with exaggerating and softening the facial features of his characters giving them a real sense of personality.

From his website

Shape-shifting workout plan for the full moon

Via Reddit

A great deep house and progressive house mix that is really great for focus

The natural landscape visuals make the whole experience even more enjoyable, but it’s great background music too.

The Cryptonaturalist’s poetry

Insightful and amazing poet and podcaster the Cryptonaturalist who I interviewed only last week on this blog, with yet another poetic mini-masterpiece on my Twitter feed. If you haven’t yet you should follow him @CryptoNature I guarantee you will love it.

I give up wanting to be whole.

To be strong.

To be beyond criticism.

Instead, I will be creative with my empathy.

I will not curse my flaws.

I will live in the light of honest vulnerability.

I will look at a statue and understand that emptiness is what coaxes art from bare stone.

Via Twitter

Lake Baikal Zen

When the sun warms these rocks on the surface of Lake Baikal, the warmth creates a hollow dome in the ice beneath.

Lake Baikal Zen

Grimfrost Academy: Viking Age Herbs in Food, Culture and Magic

This is a fascinating and well-produced series about Viking history I really enjoyed it.

The ethereal and mystical Indigenous Australian Songlines explained in 360 degree VR

Float amongst the endless expanse of The Pleiades, behold the majestic scar trees with the origin story of Australia

Recipe for Vegan Coconut Curry Fried Rice

By the always enjoyable Youtube chef Will Yeung

Aphex Twin’s Avril 14 on the Steel Pedal

I hope you enjoyed these tidibits let me know what you think below…

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