10 Interesting Things I Found on the Internet #32

when godzilla met king kong

Godzilla met King Kong when they were just kids!

Memento Mori by High Dependency Unit

A sweeping and melodramatic post-rock album by Kiwi band High Dependency Unit that’s filled with light and dark.

A bustling sushi city by the creative genius in miniature Tatsuya Tanaka

A Journey to the Big Cat Sanctuary with Heather Small

If you recognise the voice and face of the narrator – it’s Heather Small who was the lead singer of the 90’s band M People. Infact M People with their optimistic and positive sounding music was a reason why I survived a terrible bout of depression in my teenage years. So I have a soft spot for Heather Small forever for that. The Big Cat Sanctuary is a rescue sanctuary in England for majestic big cats in Asia. The next time I am in England, I will definitely be going there!

Remembering the Appointment with Life | Thich Nhat Hanh (short teaching video)

Buddhist master and all-round inspiration Thich Nhat Hanh. I find even the sound of his voice and looking at his face profoundly calming.

Cosy paintings by Francisco Fonseca

Find him on ETSY

The hunger for mummies in Edo period Japan

Did you know that in Edo Japan (1603 and 1868), that people were consuming the mummified remains of other people for its medicinal benefits? Thanks to the always fascinating blog about Japanese culture English Rakugo NZ

Kaibara Ekiken* (貝原益軒 1630-1714) was a very well-known Neo-Confucianist philosopher (じゅがくしゃ 儒学者) and botanist who studied the medicinal herbs used in traditional Chinese medicine. Mind you, Ekiken himself opposed to the use of mummies as a medicine for ethical reasons, but researches suggest that they were widely used as all-purpose cure though they cost a fortune.”

English Rakugo NZ

According to Wikipedia – the practice was known as Mumia!

Strange otherworldly lake stones in Owen’s River California

Researchers have now counted nearly 5,000 of these pillars, which appear in groups and vary widely in shape, size and color over an area of 4000 acres, with some of the columns standing as erect as towering pylons.

Strange otherworldly lake stones in Owen's River California
Strange otherworldly lake stones in Owen’s River California

Via a purveyor of unusual and macabre natural phenomena, EMorphes.

Check out this exquisite and ornate Chinese sword!

I love the inlaid jade! This Chinese Qin Sword with gold openwork handle dates from 770–476 B.C. Although the bow and crossbow were the weapons of choice for much of China’s history, the sword played its part, especially when warriors were forced to dismount and face the enemy at close quarters. Via Archaeology and Art on Twitter

Check out this exquisite and ornate Chinese sword!
Check out this exquisite and ornate Chinese sword!

Animal rhymes to say goodbye

8. See you later, alligator

7. Fare thee well, sand gazelle

6. You take care, grizzly bear

5. Now on you jog, prairie dog

4. In the bin, pangolin

3. Step in shit, yellow tit

2. Eat a dick, lone star tick

1. Just get to fuck, bufflehead duck

Via Adam Sharp

What do you think? Have you seen anything you enjoyed this week?

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5 thoughts on “10 Interesting Things I Found on the Internet #32

  1. The “hunger for mumies” reminded me of Earthlings by Sayaka Murata. Not a pleasant thought. (I enjoyed the book, but it contains some disturbing elements).

    The inlaid jade sword is sooo beautiful!! I can imagine having a paining on the wall with the design of the golden ornated part ❤

    "In the bin, pangolin" sounds like it could have been created in 2020 :)) Poor pangolins.


    1. I agree about the inlaid jade part of the sword, it would make an amazing painting 🖼 I know what you mean about the pangolins it makes me very sad too. I am creating a website soon all about endangered species and including the pangolin species, it will be a community for like-minded artists, writers and musicians to create art about these creatures and promote them and their situation 🙂


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