Comforting Thought: It’s worth being a decent person

Support those in need. Just think what a wonderful feeling it must be to have someone on our side. It’s worth being a decent person, even though it may not be popular at times. googie mccabe

Amazing Website Alert: The Deep Sea by Neal Fun

The Deep Sea is a scrolling deep-dive into ocean life and charts how deep each organism can go into Earth’s final frontier, the deep ocean. There are a lot of surprises and little-known facts about obscure ocean creatures you have never heard of. As well as tales of adventure from humans who dared to delve

10 Interesting Things I Found on the Internet #49

Roll up, roll up to this multi-tent travelling circus of bizarro delights. I promise a hall of funny mirrors, weird alien creatures and music to get your hips thrusting, just be careful not to thrust openly on the train, but if you are in a car or in a bed with someone it may beContinue reading “10 Interesting Things I Found on the Internet #49”

Paperholm: A delicate ever-expanding paper universe

Paperholm is a tale of the dedication and tenacity of one very talented determined Scotsman named Charles Young. It all began in 2014 with 200 gsm watercolour paper and PVA glue. Young set himself the challenge of building a tiny paper model of a building every day for a year. Then 365 paper models laterContinue reading “Paperholm: A delicate ever-expanding paper universe”

Ancient word of the day: Thalassophile

A thalassophile is a lover of the sea or someone who is powerfully drawn to and by the ocean. This ancient word comes from the Ancient Greek θάλασσα (thálassa, “sea”), and φίλος (phílos, “dear, beloved”). I took this photo on Enoshima Island in Kanagawa prefecture, Japan back in early October 2018. As the sun set,Continue reading “Ancient word of the day: Thalassophile”

Comforting Thought: Difficult decisions are like crossing a river

Difficult decisions are like crossing a river. You may jump into the torrent and hope for the best or walk along the stream and look for an easier crossing. Either way, do what you feel is right for you at the time. You will most likely get wet anyway. googie mccabe

10 Interesting Things I Found on the Internet #48

Take a magical mystery tour into the twilight zone with this week’s ten things which I carved out of a giant ancient stone from the red centre of Australia, I hope you like them! Sublime and summery jazzy hip-hop beats by Lewis Parker Even if it’s not summer where you are right now, this albumContinue reading “10 Interesting Things I Found on the Internet #48”

Ancient Word of the Day: Whelm

Whelm originates from Old English and it means to overturn or capsize a hollow vessel (a boat, a heart); to bury by wave, flood, storm, avalanche. The etymology is from the Old English hwelfan, to ‘upheave’. This explains the modern use of “overwhelmed” and “underwhelmed”. No voice divine the storm allay’d, No light propitious shone;Continue reading “Ancient Word of the Day: Whelm”

Comforting Thought: Empathy Between Gift and Invasion

“I’m interested in everything that might be flawed and messy about empathy, how imagining other lives can constitute a kind of tyranny, or artificially absolve ourselves from guilt or responsibility. How feeling empathy can make use feel we’ve done something good when we actually haven’t. “We start to like the feeling of feeling bad forContinue reading “Comforting Thought: Empathy Between Gift and Invasion”