10 Interesting Things I Found on the Internet #40

Yo-ho-ho and a mug of (forest-destroying) NesQuick. Come one, come all to another kooky edition of 10 interesting contraptions that can barely be defined as real. These things were collected on the rear hub-cap of my car as I drove from one side of the country to the other – I hope you like them!Continue reading “10 Interesting Things I Found on the Internet #40”

10 Interesting Things I Found on the Internet #39

Yo-Ho-Ho and a bottle of atomic juice, welcome to another weird and wobbly edition of 10 Interesting Things, where anything can happen and anyone extinct or extant can be reanimated on the full moon and then thrust into the limelight for a microsecond. Little timber kids are frozen in time Via Twitter A Newfoundland namedContinue reading “10 Interesting Things I Found on the Internet #39”

Ancient Word of the Day: Kawaakari

Kawaakari (Japanese) Kawaakari is a mystical Japanese word that means the glow of a river or stream in darkness or dusk, or the gleaming surface of a shadowed river (Japanese 川明かり). Kawaakari can also mean the reflection of the moonlight off flowing water. Obumbro (Latin) A similar word in Latin in Obumbro. To shadow overContinue reading “Ancient Word of the Day: Kawaakari”

Beautiful maps & beautiful Welsh tales: The Mabinogion

The Mabinogion is a magical and mythical Celtic classic from the  thirteenth century or earlier. It’s thoroughly Welsh and is considered a masterpiece of medieval literature. Although written down during the middle ages, experts think these stories may date from the dawn of Celtic civilisation in Britain. The Mabinogion has given rise to all ofContinue reading “Beautiful maps & beautiful Welsh tales: The Mabinogion”

Arriving at your own door by Derek Walcott

The time will comewhen, with elationyou will greet yourself arrivingat your own door, in your own mirrorand each will smile at the other’s welcome, and say, sit here. Eat.You will love again the stranger who was your self.Give wine. Give bread. Give back your heartto itself, to the stranger who has loved you all yourContinue reading “Arriving at your own door by Derek Walcott”

Book Review: One Year Wiser by Mike Medaglia

Imagine if you will, a delightful and timeless book of wisdom that fits into the palm of the hand or your handbag. A hardback that looks at first inconspicuous and unimportant. And yet on opening this book you will unlock a treasury of wisdom that’s beautifully illustrated on high quality paper. One Year Wiser byContinue reading “Book Review: One Year Wiser by Mike Medaglia”

10 Interesting Things I Found on the Internet #35

Hello my lovely friends and welcome to another bounty of beatific delights and shimmering wonders taken from the bottom of the internet ocean and brought to the surface for you to enjoy. Let me know what you think of them below… The bewitching bejewelled Lindau Gospels Named after the Abbey of Lindau on Lake ConstanceContinue reading “10 Interesting Things I Found on the Internet #35”

Comforting Thought: We see into the life of things

“Wisdom is oft-times nearer when we stoop than when we soar.” ― William Wordsworth, The Excursion 1814 “Come forth into the light of things, Let Nature be your teacher.”― William Wordsworth “With an eye made quiet by the power of harmony, and the deep power of joy, we see into the life of things.”― WilliamContinue reading “Comforting Thought: We see into the life of things”

Words and Music: Stases & Neist Point on the Isle of Skye

[I will write a poem about a place that I’ve been each week with music to match] Neist Point on the Isle of Skye Swirling batons of time Erasing thoughts and hushing life and death On a clear day you can see all the way to Iceland it’s said In any case there to theContinue reading “Words and Music: Stases & Neist Point on the Isle of Skye”

10 Interesting Things I Found on the Internet this Week #14

1. Nick Cave performing Stagger Lee in Copenhagen is electrifying I have seen Nick live three times so far and his live performances of this song Stagger Lee are always a big highlight. The song escalates and gets harder, darker and more intense as it goes on. This is definitely my favourite Nick Cave songContinue reading “10 Interesting Things I Found on the Internet this Week #14”