Documentary: Australia in the year 2020 (as envisaged in 1990)

This documentary from the late 80’s/early 90’s Australia offers fascinating insights into what the pre-internet world thought the new century i.e. right now would be like. As a child I remember watching this TV show and pondering about what 202o would be like. It felt like a pipedream to me, as inconceivable as driving a moon rocket…Continue Reading “Documentary: Australia in the year 2020 (as envisaged in 1990)”

Book Review: Winterwood by Patrick McCabe

This was an unusual little book. I think many people will be familiar with McCabe from his other incredibly popular and critically acclaimed work of literally fiction, the Butcher Boy which was published back in 1992 and subsequently turned into a film. This was the story of a confused and wayward young boy who unwittingly…Continue Reading “Book Review: Winterwood by Patrick McCabe”

34x25x36 is an off-beat film that looks at who creates the ideal body as a commodity. Norman Glaser of the Patina-V Mannequin Factory in California, has created the perfect woman: she’s tall, slender, and made of plastic. Glaser has the vaguely creepy job of being a mannequin maker, here he candidly talks about manufacturing what he calls…Continue Reading “Who makes the perfect body?”

Nowadays, it’s possible to become not just a participant in scientific studies, but one of the researchers. The internet and crowd-sharing knowledge has made this possible. We are now swimming in data, so rather than wade through everything themselves, scientists are asking the ”hive mind” of the internet to help them to resolve challenges, and…Continue Reading “Explore and classify galaxies and planets for real scientific studies”

Tilda Swinton is an iconoclast, rebel and an alien of the best kind

In 2014, actress actress Tilda Swinton was awarded with the Rothko Chapel Visionary Award at the The Rothko Chapel, which is home to fourteen of Mark Rothko’s paintings. This luminous chapel is a spiritual and human rights center whose mission is “to inspire people to action through art and contemplation, to nurture reverence for the highest aspirations…Continue Reading “Tilda Swinton is an iconoclast, rebel and an alien of the best kind”

Every Picture Tells A Story: William Stanley Moore (1925)

William Stanley Moore according to his official police record was an “opium dealer/ Operates with large quantities of faked opium and cocaine./ A wharf labourer; associates with water front thieves and drug traders.”   Mugshot by New South Wales Police Department (1925) Source: Historic Houses Trust 

Cycling adventures at dusk in Wrocław

Wrocław is a little city which has the feel of a large town and isn’t as overcrowded as some of the bigger and more populous Polish cities. At various times in history, Wrocław has been engulfed in Bohemia, Hungary, the Austrian Empire, Prussia, and Germany. So this place has a very mixed and cosmopolitan feel. In 2015,…Continue Reading “Cycling adventures at dusk in Wrocław”

Polski jedzenie/ Polish food: My om nom nom nominations

You may have noticed that I’m on a bit of a Polish love-spree right now. If you’re still here and reading about it, that means you haven’t tired of my meanderings into everything to do with Polish culture, food and art. Because of the PB I’ve decided to learn the language. After all, the PB…Continue Reading “Eight words in Polish that have no English equivalent”