10 Cool Things I Found on the Internet

10 Cool Things I Found On the Internet

A weekly palate cleanser of quirky wonder

10 Interesting Things I Found on the Internet #83

Welcome to the cosy cabin of your collective fantasies, featuring Aphex Twin’s serene ambient music, snow globe creatures encased in pure sugar and a softly-spoken Japanese woman whispering compliments to you, frozen ghost apples, post-partum pomeranians, African samurais and more. It’s edition #83…indulge it’s sugar-free and palm oil free. Richard D James AKA Aphex Twin…

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10 Interesting Things I Found on the Internet #73

Hello pretty parrots and wide-eyed, long-lashed possums, take a trip down a dimly-lit neon alley where there’s mysterious armour, trip-hop, coral babies, wind phones, a guide to misbehaving foster dogs and much more. Spells and curses from medieval Brittany One recipe used to protect against curses required a sou coin, nine grains of salt and nine stems…

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10 Interesting Things I Found on the Internet #71

This week we approach another ‘I love lamp’ addict (it seems they are everywhere), we discover some uplifting environmental news, rebellious jewellery, a humungous ancient crocodillian and more. Stay safe, stay sane and keep smiling muchachos… In the future, you’ll be able to carry your phone in your pocket! Massfield News Journal, 1963 Who would…

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10 Interesting Things I Found on the Internet #69

I am not above smutty double-entendres on this blog. Therefore edition 69 is a risque and cheeky selection of pseudo-sordid antics. I hope you all enjoy it. Spencer Tunick Behind-the-Scenes Known for his epic, conspicuous, sprawling arrays of human bodies as geography, these behind-the-scenes shots of Spenser Tunick wading through the bodies of models are…

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