Comforting Thought

Comforting Thought

Bite-sized comfort and spirituality in a turmultuous world

Ancient word of the day: Nekyia

Comforting Thought: Anxiety is a doorway

Carl Jung said that if you find the psychic wound in an individual or a people, there you also find their path to consciousness. For it is in the healing of our psychic wounds that we come to know ourselves…In the evolution of consciousness, our greatest problem is always our richest opportunity. ~ Robert Johnson

Reflexion by Odilon Redon

Comforting Thought: The seat at the head of your table

Self-actualisation is not a sudden happening, or even a permanent result of long-effort. The eleventh-century Tibetan Buddhist poet-saint Milarepa suggested: “Do not expect full realisation, simply practice every day of your life”. A healthy person is not perfect but perfectible, not a done deal but a work in progress. Staying healthy requires discipline, work, andContinue reading “Comforting Thought: The seat at the head of your table”

Olivia Laing, The Lonely City: Adventures in the Art of Being Alone

Comforting Thought: Procrastination is the beginning of an idea brought to life

What is worthwhile carries the struggle of the maker within it. A piece of art or a creation that is wrought into the shape of earned understanding. Procrastination helps us to be a student of our own reluctance, to understand the hidden darker side of the first enthusiastic idea. To learn what we are afraidContinue reading “Comforting Thought: Procrastination is the beginning of an idea brought to life”

Comforting Thought: Saying sorry will go a long way

Kuoa rongo ake au… Akakoa iti noa te kuru pounamu He taonga tuku iho kia kaha, kia toa, kia māiai, kia mataara kia manawanui I have learned… A thoughtful note to someone you’ve avoided Saying sorry will go a long way

Ancient Word of the Day: Hibernal

Comforting Thought: The miracle of memories

“Memories lie slumbering within us for months and years, quietly proliferating, until they are woken by some trifle and in some strange way blind us to life.”― W.G. Sebald, The Rings of Saturn

A woman's place is the resistance

The activist’s call to action: Believing that people are essentially good…you are compelled to act and resist

If you are an optimist about the capabilities of other people to overcome corruption, evil and injustice in this world, then this also means that you believe resistance and fighting back are worthwhile. This imposes an obligation to act. What makes us so eager to believe in our own corruption? Why does the veneer theoryContinue reading “The activist’s call to action: Believing that people are essentially good…you are compelled to act and resist”

Book Review: Flights by Olga Tokarczuk night

Comforting thought: Night is the original place where we all come from

“Then you realize: night gives the world back its natural, original appearance, without suger-coating it; day is a flight of fancy, light a slight exception, an oversight, a disruption of the order. The world in fact is dark, almost black. Motionless and cold.”― Olga Tokarczuk, Flights

Comforting Thought: Try and sleep on it - Googie McCabe

Comforting Thought: Try and sleep on it

If it ever becomes so bad, you will not see hope. Try to sleep on it. When you wake up, you might not feel better, but a little different. That sometimes, is worth hanging on to. Googie McCabe

Board game pieces from the Viking town of Birka, #Sweden. (8th-10th century)

Comforting Thought: Describing versus experiencing places

“Describing something is like using it – it destroys; the colours wear off, the corners lose their definition, and in the end what’s been described begins to fade, to disappear. This applies most of all to places. Enormous damage has been done by travel literature – a veritable scourge, an epidemic. Guidebooks have conclusively ruinedContinue reading “Comforting Thought: Describing versus experiencing places”

Every Picture Tells a Story: Roaring at the sublime

Comforting Thought: The gods survive in the quiet nooks and crannies of our bodies

“We have seen, ladies and gentlemen, how self-hood has grown and gained a foothold, become increasingly distinct and affecting. Previously barely marked, prone to being blurred, subjugated to the collective. Imprisoned in the stays of roles, conventions, flattened in the press of traditions, subjugated to demands. Now it swells and annexes the world. “Once theContinue reading “Comforting Thought: The gods survive in the quiet nooks and crannies of our bodies”

Every Picture Tells A Story: Stanley Kubrik's mysterious showgirl series

Comforting Thought: What makes us human

“What makes us most human is the possession of a unique and irreproducible story, that takes place over time and leave behind our traces.”― Olga Tokarczuk, Flights

Trinity College Library in Dublin has over 7,000,000 volumes of manuscripts and opened in 1592 AD.

Comforting Thought: Dwell on the past to reclaim the hidden depths of your culture

If you want to be everywhere at once, then you can’t stand firm anywhere. ‘The engrossed are concerned with the present time alone, and it is so brief that it cannot be grasped, even this is filched away from them distracted as they are by many things. The mind that is untroubled and tranquil hasContinue reading “Comforting Thought: Dwell on the past to reclaim the hidden depths of your culture”

Comforting Thought: Fly into the unknown - Googie McCabe

Comforting Thought: Fly into the unknown

Fly into the unknown and don’t be afraid. Life is a journey – you will learn more by living instead of imagining. Mistakes happen to us all – we get to know ourselves thanks to them. googie mccabe

Turangawaewae Te Kuri a Paoa

Comforting Thought: Destiny doesn’t create success, determination does

Kua rongo aku au.. Ētahi ka tau ki tōna taumata Nā te whai rawa rānei Kō te tini maha ka ū tonu nā te kaha rawa O tē whawhai manawapū I have learned that… Some succeed Because they are destined to But most succeed Because they’re determined to ~ Haare Williams, Words of a Kaumātua

Olivia Laing, The Lonely City: Adventures in the Art of Being Alone cosy

Comforting Thought: The three forms of respect @jhalifax

Respect for others “When we respect someone, we understand our interconnectedness with them. My friends in Nepal ritualise mutual respect and interconnectedness by putting their hands together and bowing to each other while saying ‘Namaste’, which means ‘ I bow to the divine within you’. This is an expression of the interconnectedness of self andContinue reading “Comforting Thought: The three forms of respect @jhalifax”


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