Enoshima Dreaming on Content Catnip TV

Enoshima Dreaming on Content Catnip TV

We visited Enoshima in 2018 and we loved it so much we went back in 2019. This is a picturesque beachy island off the coast of Japan in Kanagawa prefecture, about 40 minute by train from central Tokyo. A JR train, local train and then a scenic tram will get you there. This area was famously depicted in the iconic artwork by Hokusai, ‘Great Wave off Kanagawa’. This surfy, ultra chill and slightly magical island was more amazing than ever thought or imagined. While there we discovered a range of mystical and unusual inhabitants, which you can see in my video. Subscribe to see more videos by Content Catnip on Youtube

Enoshima Dreaming by Content Catnip TV

Published by Content Catnip

Content Catnip is a quirky internet wunderkammer written by an Intergalactic Space Māori named Content Catnip. Join me as I meander through the quirky and curious aspects of history, indigenous spirituality, the natural world, animals, art, storytelling, books, philosophy, travel, Māori culture and loads more.

6 thoughts on “Enoshima Dreaming on Content Catnip TV

  1. Yes..Japan rewards over and over again because there are many layers to peel back like an onion even visiting the same place you learn about a new interesting tradition. 🙂 mine and my partner’s life goal is to have a place there with an onsen bath in the snowy mountains 🏔 in a way much like Brittany it sounds like, as this place has so many layers thanks to you…I am discovering them


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