Content Catnip TV: Team Lab Borderless, Tokyo

TeamLab Borderless in Tokyo is a remarkable audio-visual attraction in Tokyo and a must-see in the city if you ever visit. It’s on expansive, harbour-facing area of Odaiba which is encircled by the very scenic train ride, along with excellent shopping centre Diver City, which features a showcase level of award-winning ramen restaurants from throughoutContinue reading “Content Catnip TV: Team Lab Borderless, Tokyo”

Travel: Oeshiki Festival of Light, Ikegami Tokyo

Oeskiki is an annual buddhist festival held on the 13th of October that commemorates the death of Nichiren in 1282. He was a revered buddhist teacher who lived during the Kamakura period, about 700 years ago. Although celebrated throughout Japan, the main Oeshiki festival is held at Ikegami Honmonji Temple located in the Ota wardContinue reading “Travel: Oeshiki Festival of Light, Ikegami Tokyo”

Every picture tells a story: In transit in the JR station

Everyone is always in transit and a great metaphor for life is that we can only ever trust in the constant flux of change. Forget about the serenity of temples, impermanence is ever-present in JR stations, subway stations and airports. There is something magnetic about these places because as you flow through there, you areContinue reading “Every picture tells a story: In transit in the JR station”

Travel: Bustling Ueno markets, Tokyo

Ueno markets are tucked into a unique pocket of Tokyo filled with interesting characters selling unusual goods. It’s a world within a world. The funky music you are hearing is by 70’s British funk band Cymande, the track is called Dove. It gives the video a lovely vintage feel. I don’t own copyright to theContinue reading “Travel: Bustling Ueno markets, Tokyo”

Every picture tells a story: Harajuku girls go all freaky

I came across this lovely graffiti on a wall outside of a shop in Harajuku. Although you should also see this exquisite collection of quilts that was captured by Jonelle Patrick. The Japanese have an aesthetic sense that is far superior to most other places, I think.

Every picture tells a story: A pristine Japanese afro

This guy had the coolest hair in Tokyo. Him and his mate were so chill, just smoking and shooting the shit, talking about life in a back alley near Shibuya. People in Tokyo tend to do wild things to their appearance to differentiate themselves from everyone else. As a result, nobody bats an eyelid ifContinue reading “Every picture tells a story: A pristine Japanese afro”

Every picture tells a story: Rainbow neon street scene in Asakusa

Here’s another photo I took strolling around at night in Asakusa in Tokyo. In these little alleys, there is an air of intimate and cosy homeliness, I guess this is thanks to the locals. On a micro scale, these alleys had a really neighbourly and friendly vibe, this is completely contrary to what I thoughtContinue reading “Every picture tells a story: Rainbow neon street scene in Asakusa”

Every picture tells a story: Cutsey pancake van in Shinjuku

Like most things in Tokyo, I had only a vague notion of what the hell was going on here. It looks like a pancake van on cute steroids. Apparently to sell anything the best way to do it is to go over level 9000 on cuteness, sexiness or sexy cuteness. Anything less is totally pointless.Continue reading “Every picture tells a story: Cutsey pancake van in Shinjuku”

Every picture tells a story: In every neon alley, a world

In every dark alleyway there’s a new world to discover in Tokyo filled with tiny izakayas, strangely named bars and vending machines. It’s possible to never go down the same street twice or ever become bored of new and interesting things to see and do. The hidden danger is that when you leave, it willContinue reading “Every picture tells a story: In every neon alley, a world”