10 uplifting things I found on the internet this week #2

Here are a collection of things that uplifted me and made me feel happy this week. Feel free to share anything in the comments below that made your week in quarantine a bit easier too. Namaste Your next travel destination is indeed just around the corner… Beautiful and meaningful Maori proverbs for the current worldContinue reading “10 uplifting things I found on the internet this week #2”

Inspirational People: Tenzin Gyatso

“If we look at human history, we will find that a good heart has been the key in achieving what the world regards as great accomplishments in the fields of civil rights, social work, political liberation and religion for example. “A sincere outlook and motivation do not belong exclusively to the sphere of religion; theyContinue reading “Inspirational People: Tenzin Gyatso”