Being in isolation brings out people's sense of humour

Being in isolation brings out people’s sense of humour

Just keep laughing...that's all we can do... Teach me Senpai 21st Century Masters: Still Life with Bog Roll & Hand Sanitiser Feline Powered Gravity Hungry Hungry Sock Puppets Have you seen any other funny things out there on the wilds of the internet lately? I am finding the more serious this…

One electronic music channel to rule to them all

The most embarassingly shit songs of my 90’s adolescence

This list is inspired by Anthony Fantano AKA The Needle Drop's list of the most cringe-worthy songs that he loved as a teenager. In case you don't know of his channel, Anthony normally reviews amazing music both new and old in a really interesting way.

Every Picture Tells A Story: Teens in Brooklyn (1980's)

List of the week: Adult words I used as a teenager to make myself sound more intelligent

As a teenager I was incredibly precocious at times, spouting big words to make myself feel older and more worldly in high school. Later on, as my vocabulary developed at University, I dropped these intellectual bombs into conversations to make myself feel better in the company of people more middle class and posh than I was.

Narrative arcs: a funny and simple explanation by Kurt Vonnegut

Narrative arcs: a funny and simple explanation by Kurt Vonnegut

This amazing explanation of narrative arcs by Kurt Vonnegut had me laughing out loud. To actually be present at this lecture would have been totally awesome. This video is great starting point for narrative structures and point of view, although really only the tip of the iceberg of a very gigantic topic. I hope other…

New Words of the Day: Shit-Ring & Bubble-Butt Bot-Net

Words of the Day: Shit-Ring & Bubble-Butt Bot-Net

Recently, while working away on a project, I discovered that the only way to actually grow followers on Instagram in any sort of meaningful scale above 300 or so is to either buy these followers from China or Russia, or to  enlist the help of an infamous Instagram Bot. These are regularly banned from Instagram for…

Koi fish vying for food in Kyoto by Content Catnip

Four weird unexpected things to love about Japan

Last week I came back from a three week holiday in Japan. And so here are four weird and off-the-wall unexpected surprises about Japan that you most likely don't know about yet. 1. Requiem for a washlet Washlets are one of the unexpected delights of going to Japan. The Japanese washlet is a technological marvel…

Polski jedzenie/ Polish food: My om nom nom nominations

The nutritious order of things

Here's a short media consumption list, from the worst and least nutritious to the most nurturing. Rule of thumb don't eat anything that will give you cancer.  Vice - The exhaust fan of a Chinese restaurant. Buzzfeed - A soggy bagel brandished by a drunk guy who wants to fight you. Instagram - A litre…

Book Review: A Man Called Ove

Book Review: A Man Called Ove by Fredrick Backman

Another book from Scandinavia this time from debut novelist Fredrick Backman. Originally in Swedish, A Man Called Ove is a universally appealing narrative about a curmudgeonly old man who seems to encounter infuriating people and annoying situations at every turn, when all he wants is to be left in peace. Since being published, A Man…

Signs O'The Times in The Simpsons

Signs Of The Times in The Simpsons

Everyone's favourite yellow-bodied people in The Simpsons inhabit a world of biting satire and strange congruences to our 3D world. J.J. Jones is the creator of the underground Tumblr blog Signs of Springfield. He has collected stills of billboards and signs in Simpsons episodes and posted these onto his Tumblr blog. These blink-and-you'll-miss-it signs reveal…

Samuel Beckett and Cats Talk About The Pointlessness of Existence

Push It To The Limit: Failure Is Not An Option!

Each evening between 6 and 7 pm, I hear the same battle-cry echoing out of the gym next door to my apartment building. It's the crazed militant scream of a male gym instructor to his charges. Every day this man lets loose a bitter tirade of abuse on people who come to the gym. People…