Book Review: Mary Oliver, New and Selected Poems Vol. 1

Mary Oliver - New and Selected Poems

Spiritually nourishing and grounded in the slow rumblings of nature and animals, Mary Oliver’s poems are a salve for the restless and jaded soul. Her poems are steeped in the luminescent beauty of nature and timeless wisdom of land and animals, yet she always has her bare feet planted deeply in the soil

Rating: 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

Genre: Poetry, Nature, Animals, Spirituality, Joy, Wisdom.

Publisher: Beacon Press

Review in one word: Transcendental

It is rare that a book of poems can really move me and rock me to my core…however Mary Oliver’s poetry never fail to burn deeply into my heart and mind.

Her poetry is simple yet powerful, humble yet vast and all-encompassing. She talks about mortality, time, animals, the universe, the gentle unfurling of plants, the tender and ferocious behaviours of wild animals and she observes it all with her curious and playful gaze.

To say that she translate this wonderment and fascination well is a massive understatement – she is a true and timeless master of poetry. One for the ages.

I would say that she’s the greatest American poet who has ever lived, but perhaps I am biased; as her world view, and the way she casts her eye over the world with such wonder and appreciation really strikes a chord with me.

Mary Oliver - New and Selected Poems

For new people to her work, she provides a vocabulary to articulate the ineffable and indescribable moments of ecstacy in your life, brought about by sudden and brilliant flashes of connection to nature.

Whether you are a long-term Mary Oliver fan or you are completely new to her world and work, you should enjoy this poetry collection.

If you’re not into nature, animals, or if you don’t have a curious and spiritual nature – you probably could pass on this one.

This is totally my jam and it gets five stars. Although secretly, I would rate this book one trillion stars in homage to Mary – the great intergalactic poetess who has now sadly shuffled off our mortal coil.

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