10 Interesting Things I Found on the Internet #65

Inspiring Pre-Raphaelite Artist of Hope – Evelyn De Morgan

This week I look closely at the faces of Lambs of God and examine the meaning of the world through the lens of the internet, amongst other unknown pleasures. Hope you will join me…

Korean Style Vegan Ratatouille

I love the calming music, ASMR sounds of the food prep and cooking and the high quality visuals in these videos, it all makes for a nice experience.

Boundary setting sentences: a guide

Boundary setting sentences: a guide

Via Reddit


A quirky 80s synth song inspired by the video game Morrowind.

Ghent altarpiece restorations reveal the alarmingly humanoid face of the famous mystic lamb – Smithsonian Magazine

The restoration of a famous painting of Christ – Adoration of the Mystic Lamb was meant to be an improvement, instead the fierce, wide-eyed and piercing stare of Christ as a lamb seems to be dulled and softened a little bit post-restoration. Which one do you prefer? I like older untouched version personally.

Found via the always intriguing link seeker Miscellaneous Details.

Hiroshi Yoshimura – Pier & Loft (1983)

Beautiful and evocative Japanese ambient music that puts you into a good mood, great unobtrusive concentration music for working.

Fascinating street art in Brittany

Via Bonjour from Brittany

Whether you choose to call it street art or simply common graffiti, the walls of several Breton towns have been enriched by some wonderful examples of the craft in recent years. In an earlier post, I highlighted some works from the north coast Breton city of Saint-Brieuc and this post features many new murals that now adorn that town as well as a few that were painted over. Additionally, some works spotted in the towns of Morlaix and Brest were just too good not to share here too.

Mother Moon – A Folktale of the Pueblo People of New Mexico by Zteve T Evans

“All is not well with the world.  The children are tired. The animals and birds are tired and so are the plants.  We must make it so the Sun and the Moon do not see the same. We must put out one of the eyes of the Sun so that the world is in darkness for half of the time and the children can sleep.”

Zteve T Evans on his incredible blog about folklore and obscure history – Under the Influence.
Zteve T Evans on his incredible blog about folklore and obscure history - Under the Influence. https://ztevetevans.wordpress.com/2019/05/29/mother-moon-a-folktale-of-the-pueblo-people-of-new-mexico/
Zteve T Evans on his incredible blog about folklore and obscure history – Under the Influence.

A curious southern right whale nudges paddle-boarder in Argentina

I love how these gigantic behemoths understand their size relative to people and they are gentle. We must protect them from the savagery that their kind witnessed in the Faroe Islands. If you’re not an animal activist yet…what exactly are you doing with your one precious life?

Inspiring Pre-Raphaelite Artist of Hope – Evelyn De Morgan

Evelyn De Morgan was a Pre-Raphaelite artist of the Victorian era who defied the conventions of the deeply conservative Victorian society she was raised in, Evelyn De Morgan dared to be different and studied at the prestigious Slade School of Art, before being invited to exhibit at the exclusive Grosvenor Gallery when she was just 20 years old. This was an astonishing achievement for a woman at the time. Her hope for a feminist future is highlighted in the paintings on display in the exhibition.

Her art is a potent symbol of hope during the pandemic era as it ever was. You can see an exhibition of her work at the Towneley Hall Museum.

Courtney Barnett – Before You Gotta Go (Official Video)

Hugely loveable Australian singer-songwriter Courtney Barnett’s latest song, a nice whimsical video clip to go with it.

ABBA’s Take a Chance on Me but with middle-aged men in drag

I love how they do all of the minor facial expressions and gestures of the ABBA in a very artful way, as though they’ve studied the video clip a thousand times over. They have also done Spice Girls – 2 Become 1 and many others, they are called Isolation Creations…I find them very amusing definitely worth a subscribe!

Types of windows – an infographic

You know these tilt and turn window casements you find in Continental Europe really blow my mind because they simply don’t exist in the antipodes, who knows why? it’s dumb though, because these windows are far superior to any other design! I do like a good French door. I think the glass block windows look very 80’s and ugly, although who knows? maybe one day they will be in fashion again! Via Infographics on Reddit.

Making tiny miniature Evian waters and calling them ‘Ovian’

Perhaps there was a copyright issue with using the name Evian, anyway if you say Evian…I say Ovian. Water is a basic human right, but not if you ask Nestle.

Is technology changing humanity? An interview with Jaron Lanier

I like this guy and his YT channel of interviews, his previous one with philosopher Marianne Williamson was also very insightful. Jaron Lanier is also an interesting guy.

What did you think about this selection? Please don’t drive heavy machinery after consuming this or you may cough up rainbows.

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