Phone someone today and say, ’I care…’

Kua rongo ake au… I tēnei rangi tonu toro atu Tōu ringa ki tō tamaiti, whāngaia tōu hinengaro Patua he waea ki tetahi atu, ki atu, ’Ko au e whakaaro nui atu nei, kia kaha’ I have learned… Today reach out  Hug your child Pat a cat, appreciate our country, Phone someone today and say,Continue reading “Phone someone today and say, ’I care…’”

10 Interesting Things I Found on the Internet #73

Hello pretty parrots and wide-eyed, long-lashed possums, take a trip down a dimly-lit neon alley where there’s mysterious armour, trip-hop, coral babies, wind phones, a guide to misbehaving foster dogs and much more. Spells and curses from medieval Brittany One recipe used to protect against curses required a sou coin, nine grains of salt and nine stemsContinue reading “10 Interesting Things I Found on the Internet #73”

Comforting Thought: Try and sleep on it

If it ever becomes so bad, you will not see hope. Try to sleep on it. When you wake up, you might not feel better, but a little different. That sometimes, is worth hanging on to. Googie McCabe

Comforting Thought: Some things will be outside of your control

Some things will be outside of your control. Don’t waste energy on fighting, do what you can to use them to your advantage. Even the fiercest of winds will eventually lose it strength. This is when you will be able to use yours. Googie McCabe

Comforting Thought: True friends will like you, just as you are

Don’t change for others. True friends will like you just the way you are, despite your faults. Be a good friend to them in return. Forgive shortcomings. No one is perfect. Googie McCabe

Comforting Thought: Fly into the unknown

Fly into the unknown and don’t be afraid. Life is a journey – you will learn more by living instead of imagining. Mistakes happen to us all – we get to know ourselves thanks to them. googie mccabe

Comforting Thought: Without darkness we wouldn’t see the stars

Without darkness we wouldn’t see the stars, reach for them! You might not grab them, but a least you won’t end up with mud on your hands. Look for the beauty, it can be found in the most unlikely of places. Googie McCabe

Words and Music: Kua rongo ake au

Kua rongo ake au…. Kia kaha rā te puāwaitanga o tōu kaha Kei konā rā te puāwaitanga o tōu rangatirangatanga I have learned that… We can enjoy our jobs by changing our attitude Always do more than what you’re paid for, One day you’ll be paid for more than you do Kua rongo ake auContinue reading “Words and Music: Kua rongo ake au”