Travel: Kolejcowo is a cute and creepy version of Poland in miniature

When I was in Poland in 2019, I didn’t hesitate to visit the Kolejcowo in Świebodzki Station in Wrocław. This is the largest model railway in Poland, but also a rather amazing depiction of how life in Poland actually looks. Everything, right down to the petrol stations, graffiti, and the shops actually exists in real life in the city of Wrocław and its surrounding towns and villages. I just love Poland and seeing this all in miniature was so charming I decided to make a video about it.

Content Catnip TV: Team Lab Borderless, Tokyo

TeamLab Borderless in Tokyo is a remarkable audio-visual attraction in Tokyo and a must-see in the city if you ever visit. It’s on expansive, harbour-facing area of Odaiba which is encircled by the very scenic train ride, along with excellent shopping centre Diver City, which features a showcase level of award-winning ramen restaurants from throughoutContinue reading “Content Catnip TV: Team Lab Borderless, Tokyo”

10 Uplifting things I found on the internet this week #5

The Kindness Economy Kindness isn’t weak but strong: a foundation from which to grow a business that has truth, integrity, longevity and commerciality. As we move away from a time of rabid consumerism and ‘peak stuff,’ we are entering a new type of economy. One built on kindness and a Triple Bottom Line: people, planet and profitContinue reading “10 Uplifting things I found on the internet this week #5”

10 uplifting things I found on the internet this week #3

#upliftingthings from the internet #3 Find inspiration and separating out the wheat from the chaff for internet amusement, Est. April 2020.

Nordic and Japanese Design Fusion: Fuglen in Asakusa, Tokyo

On a recent trip to Japan I noticed that the Japanese love to pay homage to different cultures, their foods and aesthetics. This is really great and impressive because they have such a rich culture of their own. And yet they love to get excited about Italian pizza, French cakes, Australian wine, Scandi metal, AmericanContinue reading “Nordic and Japanese Design Fusion: Fuglen in Asakusa, Tokyo”

Enchanting floating ships by Italian Architect Luigi Prina

Italian architect Luigi Prina has been interested in aircraft modelling since a very young age. However, it was only after he met Venetian painter and boat builder Eugenio Tomiolo that he started to create flying ship models from ultra-thin paper and balsa wood inspired after Roman, Greek and Viking designs. His collection (or fleet) ofContinue reading “Enchanting floating ships by Italian Architect Luigi Prina”

Homes of all shapes and sizes since time immemorial

Throughout human existence, homes have varied drastically in scope, size, and design. Cob houses originated in the eleventh century, are made from straw and earth, and Gothic architecture has been around since the middle ages. We’ve come a long way from our cave-dwelling ancestors, and in the past few years we took another leap withContinue reading “Homes of all shapes and sizes since time immemorial”