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Travel: Kolejcowo is a cute and creepy version of Poland in miniature

Currently, I'm in Poland and I didn't hesitate to visit the Kolejcowo in Świebodzki Station in Wrocław. This is the largest model railway in Poland, but also a rather amazing depiction of how life in Poland actually looks. Everything, right down to the petrol stations, graffiti, and the shops actually exists in real life in…

Cycling adventures at dusk in Wrocław Copyright Content Catnip 2016

Cycling adventures at dusk in Wrocław

Wrocław is a little city which has the feel of a large town and isn't as overcrowded as some of the bigger and more populous Polish cities. At various times in history, Wrocław has been engulfed in Bohemia, Hungary, the Austrian Empire, Prussia, and Germany. So this place has a very mixed and cosmopolitan feel. In 2015,…