Travel: Kolejcowo is a cute and creepy version of Poland in miniature

When I was in Poland in 2019, I didn’t hesitate to visit the Kolejcowo in 艢wiebodzki Station in Wroc艂aw. This is the largest model railway in Poland, but also a rather amazing depiction of how life in Poland actually looks. Everything, right down to the petrol stations, graffiti, and the shops actually exists in realContinue reading “Travel: Kolejcowo is a cute and creepy version of Poland in miniature”

Travel: Poland’s Creepy Chapel of Skulls

*I visited Poland in 2016 and saw the Chapel of Skulls, this story is from this time. For a completely off the beaten path look at the more macabre and dark past of Poland, then you should visit the Chapel of Skulls located just outside of the popular spa town of Kudowa Zdroj in LowerContinue reading “Travel: Poland’s Creepy Chapel of Skulls”

Book Review: Flights by Olga Tokarczuk

Genre: Fiction, essay, creative non-fiction, travel. Publisher: Text Publishing Rating: 馃専 馃専 馃専 馃専 馃専 Polish writer Olga Tokarczuk won the Man Booker International Prize for this novel in 2018 along with a Nike Award, Poland鈥檚 highest literary honour. Tokarczuk is a thrilling and exhilarating writer who effortlessly criss-crosses genres and conventions, Flight is partContinue reading “Book Review: Flights by Olga Tokarczuk”

Artists and Writers in Their Own Words: Googie McCabe

Talented Polish/British artist Googie McCabe creates lush vintage inspired illustrations steeped in Polish folklore. Her art is brimming with timeless wisdom and she harnesses the pleasures and pains of being a mum to create beautiful and often hilarious paintings, illustrations and books. I have always drawn, painted and doodled. My first pregnancy somehow unlocked it…Continue reading “Artists and Writers in Their Own Words: Googie McCabe”

Film Review: Corpus Christi (Bo偶e Cia艂o)

*Contains no plot spoilers 4.5 stars Readers of this blog will know that I do love Polish culture and Polish films. Here鈥檚 another great Polish film that has come out recently and is currently nominated for an Oscar for best international feature film. Corpus Christi, or Bo偶e聽Cia艂o as it鈥檚 known in Polish, is a blackContinue reading “Film Review: Corpus Christi (Bo偶e Cia艂o)”

The quirky meander through the origins of language in the Polish calendar

With a few exceptions that are Latin, the Polish month names of the year take more from the Pagan world of seasonal changes, rather than from the Latin calendar that we all know and use in English. What’s even more interesting is that even though Poland is historically a Catholic country, they chose to distanceContinue reading “The quirky meander through the origins of language in the Polish calendar”

Travel: The sensitive faces of animals in Warsaw Zoo

Something unexpected happened to me in Warsaw Zoo today. Instead of enjoying myself seeing all the animals I felt really sad. Why? Because they came across through my camera lens as being full of emotion, sensitivity and immense intelligence. I connected with them and their pain in the same way I would if I lookedContinue reading “Travel: The sensitive faces of animals in Warsaw Zoo”

The Art of Illusion: The Panorama of the Battle of Rac艂awice

The Panorama of the Battle of Rac艂awice (Panorama Rac艂awicka) is a definite must on any trip to the city of聽Wroc艂aw. The panorama is as iconic to聽Wroc艂aw as Wawel Castle is to聽Krak贸w. The聽Wroc艂aw Panorama is a gigantic 114 metre long and 15 metre high painting that depicts the battle of聽Rac艂awice. This was an epic battle ofContinue reading “The Art of Illusion: The Panorama of the Battle of Rac艂awice”

The medieval artisans of Poland

On a visit to the聽Muzeum Narodowe we Wroc艂awiu in the Polish city of聽Wroc艂aw I was astonished not by the grimly beautiful Renaissance paintings of Christ, angels and demons but of something far more tangible. Medieval shop signs and merchant guild coats of arms that illustrated the professions of artisans, traders and merchants of medieval times.Continue reading “The medieval artisans of Poland”

Travel: The Enchanting Ogr贸d Botaniczny of Krak贸w

The Botanic Garden of the Jagiellonian University (or as they are known in Polish: Ogr贸d Botaniczny Uniwersytetu Jagiello艅skiego) is a botanical garden that was founded in 1783 in Krak贸w. The ogr贸d covers a lush expanse of聽9.6 hectares, featuring lush landscaped gardens, several glasshouses and conservatories and exotic plant collections like orchids and even different typesContinue reading “Travel: The Enchanting Ogr贸d Botaniczny of Krak贸w”