Exotic Ads of the Past: Golden Eyes and Her Hero Bill Over There

During the World War I era, modern young women in America were seeking new roles of equality and opportunity in education and work. American illustrator and writer Nell Brinkley was iconic for her representations during the period. She redefined femininity, fashion and trends in many ways in era before mass media - when print was…

Finding the flow with writing and polishing a raw piece of meat into a powerful monster

A letter to my great great grandchild in the year 2150

You don't exist here on earth in the present moment of the 17th of February 2019. I am not sure if you ever will exist on this earthly plane either. Who knows what the future will bring or if the planet will still be harbouring Homo sapiens 100 years from now.

Mana Wahine: Three Inspiring Māori Women

One of my most endlessly popular posts is about Tā moko (Māori tattooing), so I thought I would do another to honour my Māori heritage. Recently on YouTube, I discovered an inspiring collection of stories about Māori women kicking ass all over the place. Called Totes Māori each video is edited creatively and made with uplifting and…

The Purgatory of Good and Bad Choices: Vintage Criminal Portraits

The Purgatory of Good and Bad Choices: Vintage Criminal Portraits

These photos of Australian female criminals come from a series taken between 1910 and 1930 by the NSW police. For the benefit of the modern-day reader, a surprising amount of detail remains of the subjects' stories. Unlike a typical mug shot, these women were allowed or perhaps even encouraged, to compose themselves or position themselves in…