Book Review: Ghost Wall by Sarah Moss

*No spoilers A book about experimental archaeology and family violence that’s brimming with glorious dread and that closes in around you like a vice. The novel’s short 160 pages are absolutely electrifying and seem far bigger. Best enjoyed during the witching hours of 11pm and 3 am. Ghost Wall opens with an ancient hair-raising scene,Continue reading “Book Review: Ghost Wall by Sarah Moss”

How real women dressed over the ages

A lot of fuss and attention is given to how wealthy women dressed in ancient times. Yet for every affluent woman there would be 10 other women of more humble origins, toiling and working in low paid and thankless jobs. Here are some really incredible videos that showcase how these women dressed over time. WomenContinue reading “How real women dressed over the ages”

Book Review: The Lives of the Surrealists by Desmond Morris

This is an incredible book. Written by Desmond Morris who is a prominent Zoologist and well-known for his book The Naked Ape. It’s possibly less widely known that Morris was himself a surrealist and knew many of the prominent surrealists in the art movement. I have to admit not knowing much about Surrealism prior toContinue reading “Book Review: The Lives of the Surrealists by Desmond Morris”

Book Review: Free Women, Free Men: Sex, Gender, Feminism by Camille Paglia

Contrarian feminist Camille Paglia’s ideas infuriate most feminists. Her ideas are not for the faint-hearted or lilly-livered – she is a sex-positive, pro-abortion transgender woman with a no bullshit, straight-talking style that she combines with playful erudition and poetic pyrotechnics in this book. The New York Times review of her book basically called her aContinue reading “Book Review: Free Women, Free Men: Sex, Gender, Feminism by Camille Paglia”

Wild woman quote: Strength

Clarissa Pinkola Estes is a Jungian analyst and a Doctor of Ethno-clinical psychology. Her book Women Who Run with the Wolves is a dense and fascinating foray into the myths and wonders of oral storytelling throughout history. It’s a book that makes you more playful, affectionate, joyful and more authentically joyful in every way. Pinkola-EstesContinue reading “Wild woman quote: Strength”

Gemma Correll’s spirit animal is a pug and her cartoons are all kinds of charming wonderful

Gemma Correll is the high priestess of wry, cute and amusing cartoons that are compassionate to women’s bodily woes and emotional complexities. Her cartoons are sweet, sassy and charming and I’m totally in love with them. Also she’s an aquarius, an INFJ and pretty much loves all the same things I do, so I have aContinue reading “Gemma Correll’s spirit animal is a pug and her cartoons are all kinds of charming wonderful”

A pep talk for babes who are on fire

This pep talk is brought to you by the PEP TALK GENERATOR. You are a ball of fire. You are a flaming, feisty, bold ball of fire. You may feel like you get extinguished a lot, but you are set ablaze more times than you are drowned. You are smart, you are unique, you areContinue reading “A pep talk for babes who are on fire”

A pep talk for babes who feel small

This pep talk is brought to you by the PEP TALK GENERATOR and written by a wise woman named Celeste. Don’t keep yourself too hidden. Embrace feeling small — let it open up the world before you, then watch it change with your touch. From the way you move oceans to the breaths you unknowingly take. TheContinue reading “A pep talk for babes who feel small”

A Pep talk for babes with anxiety

This is a pep talk for babes with anxiety. Close your eyes and sit with that feeling. Research shows that anxiety takes 20 minutes to pass when approached with mindfulness. This is not going to last forever. Recognize that your anxiety is part of who you are, but not all of who you are. DiscomfortContinue reading “A Pep talk for babes with anxiety”