Who is Poly Styrene?

Who is Poly Styrene?

"I once said I would shave my head if anyone tried to turn me into a sex symbol, and I did it. It was more for emotional reasons, too, but I really felt strongly about not prostituting myself in order to be heard.” – Poly Styrene

Every Picture Tells A Story: Henry Rollins and Nick Cave babysitting

Everyone's two favourite nhilists and goth mongers Nick Cave and Henry Rollins contemplate the inevitable futility of procreation, while an uncomfortable infant attempts to crawl away from them. If you love Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds then you will like this review of his Skeleton Tree album and this post about the cult German…

The Berlin Wall Redux: A punk of leisure on the shores of the Spree river

Travel:The Berlin Wall Redux: A punk lady of leisure 

Copyright Content Catnip 2010 In 2008 I lived in Berlin. It's a vast adult playground of earthly delights, diversions and shiny, distracting baubles. Its maddeningly vibrant during the summer. It's as though life is amplified to full volume and there is no dimmer switch. The sky sits very high up and the sun is beaming…