Film Review: Radio On

The epic post-punk British road movie nobody has ever heard of Made in England in 1979 at the height of post-punk, this is a very unique film. It’s like what Joy Division would have looked like if the band’s music was made into a film. This is also a unique British film because it’s aContinue reading “Film Review: Radio On”

Music Review: I’m in Grace by Sonic Jesus

Over the coming weeks I will share an eclectic lucky dip of music that I discovered and loved via subreddit /r/listentothis, Here is no.2 on the Cosmic Jukebox the band Sonic Jesus and the single I’m in Grace from the 2017 album Grace.  Sonic Jesus are an Italian Post Punk/ Cold Wave band formed in 2012. IContinue reading “Music Review: I’m in Grace by Sonic Jesus”