10 Interesting Things I Found on the Internet #30

Ahoy there mateys. Here’s a little palate-cleanser to wash away any sad stuff from the news and the socials. I hope you enjoy it. Buddy Bears in Berlin The Art of Tolerance is an ongoing exhibition that travels the world. 146 Buddy Bears who represent 146 different countries were last spotted at Tierpark Berlin. They are designedContinue reading “10 Interesting Things I Found on the Internet #30”

Roland: Gargantuan Elephant Seal Of Berlin Zoo

Roland was a goliath 4,000 pound sea elephant (A.K.A an Elephant Seal Mirunga patagonica. He lived in Berlin Zoo from the late 1920’s until his death during the second world war. Here he is getting a snow bath from his handler at the Berlin Zoo (date unknown) In this film you can see his largeContinue reading “Roland: Gargantuan Elephant Seal Of Berlin Zoo”

Travel: What remains, Berlin

When the Berlin Wall came down in 1989 parts of it remained up as a monument to the dangers of state control. On these remnants of the Berlin Wall are a series of constantly changing murals and street art which makes a statement about the current political state of the world. Some of them simply areContinue reading “Travel: What remains, Berlin”

Travel: Dancing on the ceiling of Berlin

I took this photo about nine years ago while living in Berlin. During the summer, the city was alive with cultural performances, buskers from throughout the world and the constant optimistic energy of things to come. When I look at how Europe has evolved nowadays it makes me a little sad. I really hope thatContinue reading “Travel: Dancing on the ceiling of Berlin”

Travel:The Berlin Wall Redux: A punk lady of leisure 

In 2008 I lived in Berlin. It’s a vast adult playground of earthly delights, diversions and shiny, distracting baubles. Its maddeningly vibrant during the summer. It’s as though life is amplified to full volume and there is no dimmer switch. The sky sits very high up and the sun is beaming down with a warm,Continue reading “Travel:The Berlin Wall Redux: A punk lady of leisure “

Travel: Fuck Parade in Berlin, 2009

Fuckparade is a part protest and part techno street party in Berlin which happens every summer. Since 1997 local Berliners have demonstrated against the forces of commercialisation of public life and culture which can stifle and crush creativity. These photos are from when I went to Fuckparade in 2009. I was at the U-bahn stationContinue reading “Travel: Fuck Parade in Berlin, 2009”

Auckland: Reclaiming the city for pedestrians and cyclists

I got something in the mail the other day. A planned new cycleway running down one of the main streets of Auckland CBD, Nelson st and then criss-crossing all over the city. This is music to my ears as Auckland has to be one of the noisiest and congested cities in this part of theContinue reading “Auckland: Reclaiming the city for pedestrians and cyclists”