10 Interesting Things I Found on the Internet #30

Rural Rhapsody by Kit Boyd

Ahoy there mateys. Here’s a little palate-cleanser to wash away any sad stuff from the news and the socials. I hope you enjoy it.

Buddy Bears in Berlin

The Art of Tolerance is an ongoing exhibition that travels the world. 146 Buddy Bears who represent 146 different countries were last spotted at Tierpark Berlin. They are designed to foster greater understanding and unity between cultures. With thanks to the always interesting blogger BeKitschig who shares a variety of quirky, kitschy and amusing posts from her home in Berlin, Germany.

Pages from a Breton Spell Book

From one of the most compelling blogs on WordPress – Bonjour from Brittany


Almost a quarter of all the spells in this grimoire are devoted to what can loosely be called love; formulas talk of winning, catching or gaining the affection or love of a girl or woman.  Magic could be called upon to break through the societal barriers caused by rank and riches but such spells were not for the fainthearted. To gain the friendship of a girl of any quality, one needed to note when a mare was born of a foal and immediately cut a piece of flesh straight from its forehead and dry it, from noon precisely, in the sun on Jupiter’s day. After collecting the dried flesh at the death of the sun, one needed to grind it to a powder and feed it to the object of one’s affections.

Bonjour from Brittany

Rural Rhapsody by Kit Boyd

Love the dreamy fairytale quality of his art, Kit is extremely talented.

Rural Rhapsody by Kit Boyd
Rural Rhapsody by Kit Boyd
Rural Rhapsody by Kit Boyd
Rural Rhapsody by Kit Boyd

Artist Jane Cornwell’s cute little dog stares off into the wintery sunshine in Scotland


3D Aerial embroidery of Maeshowe Neolithic cairn, Orkney by Dr Lily Hawker-Yates

3D Aerial embroidery of Maeshowe Neolithic cairn, Orkney by Dr Lily Hawker-Yates

Hitotsume kozo: cheeky one-eyed yokai

Hitotsume kozo are child-like & cheeky #yokai appearing as small one-eyed goblins, with shaved heads & dressed in Buddhist robes. They have one enormous eye & a long red tongue. While relatively harmless they are known to appear suddenly on dark streets to frighten people. They are well-known throughout Japan and it is believed that in December they travel the land checking to see who has been good & bad & deciding on family fortunes for the upcoming year.

Via Curious Ordinary, Art by Mathew Meyer

Shora Shima – At the Edge of Hope Is Despair

Melodic Post-rock and ambient band from Hamilton, New Zealand Sora Shima have released a pretty epic new album entitled At the Edge of Hope is Despair. Thanks for the awesome music blog, Stationary Travels

Huggie sticks and sound flaps…


When a sausage dog turns into a sugary sweetie

What happens when you destroy everything you own?

Michael Landy is a British artist who methodically catalogued, disassembled and then shredded all of his possessions — all of them, including clothes, family photos, passport, artwork, car — over a two week period in a performance art piece called Break Down. Here he reflects on the destruction of his stuff and what is meant. Courtesy of the always fascinating blog Miscellaneous Details. This is minimalism in its purest and most extreme form.

Mixed Mushroom Stroganoff recipe

I love Will Yeung’s vegan and vegetarian recipes, I sometimes eat fish and chicken, and I do eat dairy, but increasingly I have been enjoying the amazing flavourful recipes that contain different vegetables, it’s possible to never eat meat and still have amazing flavours in your life, I hope to get there one day. This mushroom stroganoff recipe looks great.

What do you think? hope you enjoyed these

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7 thoughts on “10 Interesting Things I Found on the Internet #30

    1. You are very welcome my friend I am glad you write in the compelling way that you do, you always keep me hooked right to the end. 🙂


    1. Thanks for reading my friend you are very welcome. I hope to interview him eventually too as he is such a talent, his art transports me to another world.


    1. Oh brilliant River, I hope you enjoy it hehe. I actually tried this recipe, it was amazing and we will definitely be making it again in our house 🙂


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