Ancient Word of the Day: Bhleu

Before Time Began: Latin Quotes on Ancient Sundials

Bhleu: ‘To Blow or to swell’ from Proto-Indo-European

Life flows and leaves, wind, clouds, fire and storms bhleu/blow. From this ancient word comes many other beautiful nature words we know and love today, such as:







Ancient Word of the Day: Whelm



Pagan date: Winter solistice
Pagan date: Winter solistice



Blót, an ancient Norse rite of blood sacrifice, also derived from the word bhleu

For the Teutons ( an ancient Germanic tribe) a blessing originally meant to consecrate an altar in the blood of a human or animal sacrifice.

Pagan Date: Beltane
Pagan Date: Beltane

Later on in Latin, the sound softened and the bh turned into an f sound.

Fluere in Latin means to flow

From this change we get yet more beautiful words such as:

Mellifluous: flowing sweetly

Maori nature ancient

Superfluous: Which originally meant flowing over but has come to mean wasteful or pointless now.

Confluence: The flowing together of two things.

Affluent: The flowing of money.


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A Concise Dictionary of Middle English From A.D. 1150 To 1580 by A. L. Mayhew and Walter W. Skeat (1888)

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