Artists & Writers in Their Own Words: Jari Österberg AKA Liuos

Artists & Writers in Their Own Words: Jari Österberg AKA Liuos

Jari Österberg AKA Liuos first became a techno producer in the early 90’s. He became a one-man band with the help of the Amiga 500 computer and produced vast swathes of interesting and experimental techno albums. As years went by, he started to use more hardware and his production started to lean more towards minimalist techno. However after discovering software synthesizers and computer based sequencing Liuos moved to the sound of dub techno. Jari tells his story…

My name is Jari Österberg, I produce electronic music and live in Lahti, Finland

I have been doing this for a long time because there’s an inner need in me to create something and express myself and it’s also a fun hobby.

I don’t target anyone in particular with my music

Well I want all kinds of people to listen to my music. If someone likes what I’ve created, then I’m happy.

Liuos – Defining Moments by Liuos

While I like to listen to pure Dub Techno, I tend to drift away from that on my own tracks and break some of the rules with it

And I think that breaking the rules gives my music a unique overall sound.

Liuos – Negative Ions by Liuos

Generally, I enjoy all forms of electronic music, especially Techno and Dub tracks

I get inspired by artists like Moritz von Oswald, Atheus, Cari Lekebusch and Jori Hulkkonen, who have influenced my sound.

Cari Lekebusch

Jori Hulkkonen

My favourite piece of music I have created is the Terms EP

It’s significant and meaningful to me because it was my first EP.

Liuos – Terms by Liuos

I rarely read any books, but abstract and surrealistic art can indicate a direction to take.

Certain imagery sets the mood for the kind of music I make…

I find old abandoned factories and warehouses as well as foggy forests and rainy days to set the right atmosphere and mood for my creativity. Although nature in general is inspiring to me.

If I was to give my younger self some what words of encouragement, I would say:

‘Don’t change anything, take your time and don’t worry about making mistakes. Just keep on digging, keep on trying. You’ll get there eventually.

My advice for other creative people on how they can stay positive during the time of Covid…

You can handle this situation more constructively by being calm or learning to stay calm, by busying yourself with simple daily activities, avoiding depressive or fear-inducing programmes on television or social media, connecting with others through telephone or digital means, cultivating or rediscovering old interests and hobbies.

Discover more of my music, buy my album on Bandcamp and follow me on Soundcloud

Liuos – Terms

Liuos – Negative Ions

Liuos – Defining Moments

Liuos – Youtube

Liuos – Soundcloud

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