Travel: Among the Irish Faeries and Norse Gods

Many years ago, I went hiking in Ireland in Glendalough I saw some magical landscapes. Ireland has a beautiful soft light in the summer. The diffused sunlight is speckled with clouds that pass over the vast valleys and mountain-sides. It’s possible to sit there all day and just watch the way the light travels overContinue reading “Travel: Among the Irish Faeries and Norse Gods”

Every Picture Tells A Story: Chefchaoen, the blue-walled city

In 2009 I went to Morocco and the blue-walled city of Chefchaoen. This was probably one of the most unexpectedly photogenic and beautiful places I have ever seen. A beautiful and hot oasis that arises out of the African desert like an exotic flower. Unlike the bigger cities in Morocco, Chefchaouen had a quiet marketContinue reading “Every Picture Tells A Story: Chefchaoen, the blue-walled city”

Lucky’s 18th Birthday

Lucky sadly left this planet in recent months. Here he is a year ago on his 18th birthday. I just love this look of absolute and unfettered delight at eating the ice-cream cake. He was a good boy. My parents got him when he was only a puppy from the animal shelter. He was sentencedContinue reading “Lucky’s 18th Birthday”

Travel: The somnambulent sea, Napier

One summer evening in Napier, New Zealand I walked along its beautiful foreshore and captured this moment where people huddled on the jetty and the light seemed just right. When all of the comets align, Napier appears to the mind’s eye and to the camera lens as timeless and nostalgic. It reminds me of theContinue reading “Travel: The somnambulent sea, Napier”

Travel: Extinct volcanos in Auckland

There are approximately 53 volcanoes in Auckland, which have over thousands of years produced an array of interesting lagoons, tuft rings and lava flows in Auckland city. The biggest, most active and most visible volcano – Rangitoto sits on an island of the same name in Auckland harbour. This has erupted repeatedly over the pastContinue reading “Travel: Extinct volcanos in Auckland”

Travel: What remains, Berlin

When the Berlin Wall came down in 1989 parts of it remained up as a monument to the dangers of state control. On these remnants of the Berlin Wall are a series of constantly changing murals and street art which makes a statement about the current political state of the world. Some of them simply areContinue reading “Travel: What remains, Berlin”

Travel: Dancing on the ceiling of Berlin

I took this photo about nine years ago while living in Berlin. During the summer, the city was alive with cultural performances, buskers from throughout the world and the constant optimistic energy of things to come. When I look at how Europe has evolved nowadays it makes me a little sad. I really hope thatContinue reading “Travel: Dancing on the ceiling of Berlin”

Travel:Exploring early mediaeval churches in Eirann

I visited this crumbling relic, the largest and oldest remaining church in the Irish village of Glendalough in 2009. It was one of the largest known early Christian churches in Ireland. The church was originally dedicated to Saint Peter and Saint Paul but ceased to be a cathedral in 1214. The large rectangular stones atContinue reading “Travel:Exploring early mediaeval churches in Eirann”

Travel:The Berlin Wall Redux: A punk lady of leisure 

In 2008 I lived in Berlin. It’s a vast adult playground of earthly delights, diversions and shiny, distracting baubles. Its maddeningly vibrant during the summer. It’s as though life is amplified to full volume and there is no dimmer switch. The sky sits very high up and the sun is beaming down with a warm,Continue reading “Travel:The Berlin Wall Redux: A punk lady of leisure “