Every Picture Tells a Story: Lucky's 18th Birthday

Lucky’s 18th Birthday

Lucky sadly left this planet in recent months. Here he is a year ago on his 18th birthday. I just love this look of absolute and unfettered delight at eating the ice-cream cake. He was a good boy.

My parents got him when he was only a puppy from the animal shelter. He was sentenced to euthanasia by the animal shelter because he had a faulty heart. He was not expected to live longer than a few years at the most. My mum’s friend who volunteered at the animal shelter luckily saved him from certain death and brought him home one day intending to find him a foster home. So he was christened Lucky.

Instead of dying young because of a weak heart, Lucky bloomed under the loving attention of my mum. He managed to live to the ripe old age of 18 years. This long life would have been helped by the daily walks, and a diet of lean raw kangaroo meat he was eating every day. The little engine that couldn’t – Lucky’s weak heart turned into the little engine that could. He will be sadly missed. Although this photo encapsulates what he was all about. He had a real cheekiness, a massive bark and a huge attitude as though he was owed the entire world on a plate. He would regularly snarl and strut around dobermans and great danes in the park, not understanding his size – he was a unique dog. He went wild for this cake, demolishing it within five seconds after obediently waiting for us to each cut off a piece.

Every Picture Tells a Story: Lucky's 18th Birthday
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