The Māori legend of Pania: Kaitiaki and taniwha of the reef, retold as street art

Pania is the legendary Kaitiaki (guardian/protector) of the reef in local Maori legend and her wairua (spirit) is connected strongly to the moana (ocean) close by to the town of Napier. Legend has it that Pania was a shimmering and iridescently beautiful maiden who lives in the sea and following a human encounter and a brokenContinue reading “The Māori legend of Pania: Kaitiaki and taniwha of the reef, retold as street art”

Travel: Napier’s remote beaches and wineries by bike

Napier is one of the sunniest and most lovely places in New Zealand. The Bear and I love to explore this region on a regular basis by bike, the area is almost completely flat. The wide open spaces seem to stretch out forever. Although the ocean is tumultuous and not safe for swimming, there isContinue reading “Travel: Napier’s remote beaches and wineries by bike”

Travel: Delightful Art Deco Bollards in Napier

Whereas in Australia bollards are being erected everywhere to protect against trucks driving through people on the street, in little old New Zealand, the bollard means something completely different and is used to great decorative affect in the town of Napier in New Zealand. These Art Deco bollards are dotted around all of the streetsContinue reading “Travel: Delightful Art Deco Bollards in Napier”

Travel: The somnambulent sea, Napier

One summer evening in Napier, New Zealand I walked along its beautiful foreshore and captured this moment where people huddled on the jetty and the light seemed just right. When all of the comets align, Napier appears to the mind’s eye and to the camera lens as timeless and nostalgic. It reminds me of theContinue reading “Travel: The somnambulent sea, Napier”