Words and Music: Earth the slumbering pūriri

In the Beginning Earth Breath on me Earth the cool breath of life Earth the slumbering pūriri Earth the misty valley Earth the departed sun Earth the tingling blue sky Earth the dark sheen of a woman river Earth the mottling tides tumbling ashore Earth the sweeping godwits Earth our home Earth the giving landContinue reading “Words and Music: Earth the slumbering pūriri”

Comforting Thought: Dwell on the past to reclaim the hidden depths of your culture

If you want to be everywhere at once, then you can’t stand firm anywhere. ‘The engrossed are concerned with the present time alone, and it is so brief that it cannot be grasped, even this is filched away from them distracted as they are by many things. The mind that is untroubled and tranquil hasContinue reading “Comforting Thought: Dwell on the past to reclaim the hidden depths of your culture”

Comforting Thought: Rangimārie

Kua rongo ake au… Mā te karakia me te inoi Me te noho puku Ka tau te rangimārie ki a tātau katoa I have learned that… everyone can do a karakia Kua rongo ake au… Mā te āta katakata āta harikoa anō Mā te hiki ake i te wairua E tau tonu ai te māramatangaContinue reading “Comforting Thought: Rangimārie”

He Waiata Pepeha

Tere mai taku waka Tākitimu e Tū ana te maunga Haumia e Rere ana taku awa Waipaoa e Tau ana te whenua Rāwhiti e Tere mai taku waka Tākitimu e Tū ana te maunga Haumia e Rere ana taku awa Waipaoa e Tau ana te whenua Tūranganui a Kiwa e Tākitimu Haumia Waipaoa e MāhakiContinue reading “He Waiata Pepeha”

Comforting Thought: Destiny doesn’t create success, determination does

Kua rongo aku au.. Ētahi ka tau ki tōna taumata Nā te whai rawa rānei Kō te tini maha ka ū tonu nā te kaha rawa O tē whawhai manawapū I have learned that… Some succeed Because they are destined to But most succeed Because they’re determined to ~ Haare Williams, Words of a Kaumātua

Words and Music: Kua rongo ake au

Kua rongo ake au…. Kia kaha rā te puāwaitanga o tōu kaha Kei konā rā te puāwaitanga o tōu rangatirangatanga I have learned that… We can enjoy our jobs by changing our attitude Always do more than what you’re paid for, One day you’ll be paid for more than you do Kua rongo ake auContinue reading “Words and Music: Kua rongo ake au”

A Collection of Māori proverbs for you to keep and use

The Māori language is one of the most beautiful languages in the world. Here are 60 proverbs for you to keep and use. #TeWikioteReoMāori #MāoriLanguageWeek #MahuruMaori.

Dolphins as Taniwha in New Zealand

Dolphins are mystical beings full of intelligence, compassion and consciousness. For different Māori iwi, dolphins hold sacred significance and they are known as  taniwha. They are considered tapu (sacred) and possessing a powerful mauri (lifeforce). What are Taniwha? Taniwha (pron. tan-ee-far) are mysterious creatures that dwell in the sea, rivers, lakes or in caves. TheyContinue reading “Dolphins as Taniwha in New Zealand”

The Māori Goddess Taranga by Robyn Kahukiwa

In Maori legend, Taranga is the mother of the god Maui and her husband is named Makeatutura. When Maui is born prematurely, Taranga wraps his body in her hair and throws him into the waves. In the ensuing years, sea-creatures care for Maui, hiding him in the sea coral and kelp until one day following aContinue reading “The Māori Goddess Taranga by Robyn Kahukiwa”