Otherworldly and Abandoned Soviet Monuments

These sculptures and old buildings before the end of the Cold War era look futuristic and strange. Some structures demonstrate the military might of Russia. While others are scintillating, harshly modern, and located in beautiful forested landscapes. These monuments are artistic and architectural wonders. Could these lost and forgotten objects ever be revived and resurrected, albeitContinue reading “Otherworldly and Abandoned Soviet Monuments”

The Most Beautiful Relics From The Industrial Dawn

It’s funny to consider power plants and sewerage plants as beautiful, but these old buildings certainly trump any industrial building built in the last few decades. Relics from the dawn of the industrial age, they were designed with immaculate attention to detail and a timeless aesthetic. Nowadays they either accumulate weeds and cobwebs in obscurity,Continue reading “The Most Beautiful Relics From The Industrial Dawn”

Abandoned Desert Buildings On Creepy Lunar Landscapes

These photos by Ed Freeman all elicit a deep sense of alienation and a weird sort of fascination. They underline questions that we want answered. What happened here? Who lived here? How did these places fall into disrepair? Through the atrophy of the material world we can get this uncomfortable sense that we’re all destined forContinue reading “Abandoned Desert Buildings On Creepy Lunar Landscapes”

Churches, Weeds, Wildflowers and Wonder

In Bignor, a hamlet close to the ancient Sussex towns of Arundel, Petworth and Pulborough is this grade one listed  stone-built medieval Holy Cross church. This church was mentioned in the Domesday Book. The simple chanxcel and arch remain from the 11th century, although the rest of the church was rebuilt in the 13th century. LovinglyContinue reading “Churches, Weeds, Wildflowers and Wonder”

Dismaland is Banksy’s dangerous molotov cocktail of pop culture rip-offs

Banksy’s pop up exhibition Dismaland in Weston super-Mare in Somerset this weekend  is a dangerous and provocative molotov cocktail of pop culture references, Eurozone politics, rabid consumerism, and Disney fetishism exposed for our bemusement. Graffiti artist Banksy along with fellow art legends Damien Hirst, Jimmy Cauty and Jenny Holzer have taken over a derelict beachside lidoContinue reading “Dismaland is Banksy’s dangerous molotov cocktail of pop culture rip-offs”

Welcome to Big Biba: A Legendary Department Store in London’s Swinging 60’s

Big Biba was an outrageous cornucopia of weird fashion on the London high street in the 60’s. Before H&M, Topshop or Harvey Nichols there was Biba. Invented by IT girl of the time, Polish-born Barbara Hulanicki, Biba started out as a mail order store that sold one dress available in one size. Very rapidly itContinue reading “Welcome to Big Biba: A Legendary Department Store in London’s Swinging 60’s”

Tiny building sites: It’s a small world after all

Readers of this blog will understand and share my obsession with small-scale buildings, tiny books, paper towns and jewelry boxes and boudoir ornaments for mermaids. These quirky art forms are uncannily beautiful in their falseness. They also make Mini Materials now offers lovers of miniature the unprecedented opportunity to build their own life-like models ofContinue reading “Tiny building sites: It’s a small world after all”

Travel: The loneliest buildings in the world

I love secluded and lonely places where there’s nobody around for miles. That’s why the Highlands and Islands hold such appeal to me and so here’s a couple of lonely places may make you feel in turns melancholy or yearning for a place where nobody can disturb you.

Every Picture Tells A Story: Krazy Kat Klub, Washington D.C. (1921)

Source: Imgur The Krazy Kat Klub (from Wikipedia)  The Krazy Kat Klub (alternatively, Krazy Kat Club, Krazy Kat Klubb, etc.) was a Bohemian cafe, speakeasy and nightclub that operated at No. 3 Green Court near Washington, D.C.’s Thomas Circle during the early decades of the 20th Century. The club was run by portraitist and theatricalContinue reading “Every Picture Tells A Story: Krazy Kat Klub, Washington D.C. (1921)”

Welcome to a Gothic Imaginary City That’s Flint Black, Neon and Rainy

Pete Amachree is a talented British digital painter who created this magnificent and gothic cityscapes of imaginary cities. A big shout out goes to Imaginary Cities who tipped me off about this extraordinary artist  and to Pete Amachree himself for creating these gems. According to his DeviantArt profile, Pete is inspired by photographer Man RayContinue reading “Welcome to a Gothic Imaginary City That’s Flint Black, Neon and Rainy”