Content Catnip TV: Team Lab Borderless, Tokyo

TeamLab Borderless in Tokyo is a remarkable audio-visual attraction in Tokyo and a must-see in the city if you ever visit. It’s on expansive, harbour-facing area of Odaiba which is encircled by the very scenic train ride, along with excellent shopping centre Diver City, which features a showcase level of award-winning ramen restaurants from throughoutContinue reading “Content Catnip TV: Team Lab Borderless, Tokyo”

The Most Beautiful Relics From The Industrial Dawn

It’s funny to consider power plants and sewerage plants as beautiful, but these old buildings certainly trump any industrial building built in the last few decades. Relics from the dawn of the industrial age, they were designed with immaculate attention to detail and a timeless aesthetic. Nowadays they either accumulate weeds and cobwebs in obscurity,Continue reading “The Most Beautiful Relics From The Industrial Dawn”

Travel: Bustling Ueno markets, Tokyo

Ueno markets are tucked into a unique pocket of Tokyo filled with interesting characters selling unusual goods. It’s a world within a world. The funky music you are hearing is by 70’s British funk band Cymande, the track is called Dove. It gives the video a lovely vintage feel. I don’t own copyright to theContinue reading “Travel: Bustling Ueno markets, Tokyo”

Every picture tells a story: In every neon alley, a world

In every dark alleyway there’s a new world to discover in Tokyo filled with tiny izakayas, strangely named bars and vending machines. It’s possible to never go down the same street twice or ever become bored of new and interesting things to see and do. The hidden danger is that when you leave, it willContinue reading “Every picture tells a story: In every neon alley, a world”

Every picture tells a story: Cosy Asakusa, Tokyo by night

You know when you just come across something so ridiculously photogenic on the street that you have to photograph it….this was one of these moments. As I have a strange and enduring obsession with all things neon, wandering around Tokyo at night taking photos is my ideal heaven.

About Neon Art and Loneliness

There’s something comforting yet eerie about neon signs. They garishly proclaim sales on items, announce a lonely diner on a dark stretch of road, and tout the nefarious activities inside of peep shows and brothels. Neon signs have always fascinated me. They seem to emanate a metaphysical glow as though there is a secret messageContinue reading “About Neon Art and Loneliness”

Every Picture Tells A Story: Travelling Salesman’s case with neon tubes, 1935

Not much is known of this travelling neon salesman’s case, other than it’s beautiful and would have no doubt attracted scores of customers. It belonged to a company salesman for Dorwalt Signs in Pennsylvania and dates from 1935. As you probably already know, I am obssessed with neon, having written about Neon Art and Loneliness in theContinue reading “Every Picture Tells A Story: Travelling Salesman’s case with neon tubes, 1935”