Paperholm: A delicate ever-expanding paper universe

Paperholm is a tale of the dedication and tenacity of one very talented determined Scotsman named Charles Young. It all began in 2014 with 200 gsm watercolour paper and PVA glue. Young set himself the challenge of building a tiny paper model of a building every day for a year. Then 365 paper models laterContinue reading “Paperholm: A delicate ever-expanding paper universe”

10 uplifting things I found on the internet this week #1

The world has become rather scary lately. So with this in mind I have found some odd but tasty memes and strange oddities to get you through the next week… 1. The map of procrastination 2. A serenade to Director General of Health in NZ Dr Ashley Bloomfield Dr Ashley has become a much-loved partContinue reading “10 uplifting things I found on the internet this week #1”

Emerging Artist Profile: No Man’s Dream @No_MansDream

Content Catnip recently interviewed highly talented 16 year old artist No Man’s Dream about his cool Twitter channel @No_MansDream and what inspires him to keep making extraordinary pixel art that’s vintage futuristic and video-game ready.

Atmospheric hyperlapses of St Kilda landmarks

I visited my family in Melbourne over the new year’s period and tried to take some hyperlapse footage of some of St Kilda’s landmarks such as the pier, Palais Theatre and the creepy, omniscient clown smile of Luna Park. The results were a bit shaky but, I think, still managed to be compelling in aContinue reading “Atmospheric hyperlapses of St Kilda landmarks”

Beautiful Geometry: Hypnotic and Satisfying Geometric Art Blogs

I’ve written a lot about gifs in the past and how they throw a comical light on old forms of art, when remixed with renaissance art and also discussed what makes a gif become a piece of art.  I’ve looked at the intricate moving world of Paperholme, gif art which shows the whimsy of aContinue reading “Beautiful Geometry: Hypnotic and Satisfying Geometric Art Blogs”

Every Picture Tells a Story: Winter’s sudden contemplation

When the night scented stock come in And all of the dusk reigns around us A musky smoke Of burning leaves and wet rocks All is cosy, locked in and battened down A sleepy knowingness seeps in A season and reason for movement is over And the winter sits down long and low Her frosty embrace –Continue reading “Every Picture Tells a Story: Winter’s sudden contemplation”