Travel: On Melbourne's Yarra River cycle trail

Travel: A leisurely ride on Melbourne’s Yarra River cycle trail

Hyperlapse GIF: Luna Park Melbourne

Atmospheric hyperlapses of St Kilda landmarks

I visited my family in Melbourne over the new year's period and tried to take some hyperlapse footage of some of St Kilda's landmarks such as the pier, Palais Theatre and the creepy, omniscient clown smile of Luna Park. The results were a bit shaky but, I think, still managed to be compelling in a…

Five Summer Must-Dos On The Mornington Peninsula, Melbourne

Travel: Lazy summer weekend ideas on Melbourne’s Mornington Peninsula

Only got a weekend in Melbourne, but want to experience the best of an Aussie summer? The Mornington Peninsula is where to go. This is where the locals flock for the best beaches and laid back holiday vibe.  Located in the south east of Melbourne, it's my original stomping ground and so I know it…

Melbourne's vibrant laneway graffiti

Travel: Melbourne’s vibrant laneway graffiti

Melbourne has a great variety of every changing laneway graffiti, which is sort of like the creative engine bellowing and churning away below the city. Street Art in Mebourne has become an attraction in its own right and meant that tourists mark out their stay in the city by visiting these modern monoliths of culture.…

Is this Melbourne's coolest pad?

Design: Is this Melbourne’s coolest digs?

  Architect John Henry and his wife Deb Ganderton have built their dream home in the leafy Melbourne suburb of Eltham. It's a mind-boggling 1,000 cubic metre space, with 6.5 metre high walls. John and Deb bought the block of land for $105,000 in 1998. Then they spent around $250,000 building the house running out of money several times…

Secrets of the Mornington Peninsula: Tyabb Packing House

Travel: Mornington Peninsula’s Antiques Roadshow at the Tyabb Packing House

The Mornington Peninsula (where I hail from originally) is located in the S.E tip of Port Phillip Bay, about 1 hour's drive outside of Melbourne.  It's a sundrenched and beachy part of Melbourne which features serene and quiet, toddler friendly beaches in sheltered Port Phillip Bay, along with colourful bathing boxes. On the other side…

Train and tram-spotting in Melbourne back in the olden days

Train and tram-spotting in Melbourne back in the olden days

Here are two handsome maps of Melbourne's public transport from the previous century. In equal parts loved and loathed by locals, public transport in Melbourne is slow, expensive and unreliable and yet anyone who has ever lived in Melbourne (and who has moved away for long enough to not deal with it on a daily…