Travel: Melbourne’s vibrant laneway graffiti

Melbourne's vibrant laneway graffiti

Melbourne has a great variety of every changing laneway graffiti, which is sort of like the creative engine bellowing and churning away below the city. Street Art in Mebourne has become an attraction in its own right and meant that tourists mark out their stay in the city by visiting these modern monoliths of culture. I love that these murals always change and shift and that each time I go back to Melbourne, my old stomping ground and home town, that there’s always something new to experience on the walls. Often the street art is controversial, cheeky, provocative and downright political.

If you want to see where to go in Melbourne to see the best street art, Time Out have done a great guide to the city’s street art. Unlike in other cities, the street art here won’t disappoint and will exceed your expectations. Hosier Lane, Centre Place, Caledonian Lane, AC/DC Lane and Duckboard Place are some of the quirky haunts to check out.

Melbourne's vibrant laneway graffiti
A psychedelic koala in AC/DC lane. Copyright Content Catnip 2014

And below we have one of the more provocative murals, a direct commentary on the mindless, selfie culture that now parades itself in front of the street art of Melbourne.

Melbourne's vibrant laneway graffiti
Hosier Lane which runs adjacent to Flinders st is a must-see for street art in Melbourne. Copyright Content Catnip 2014
Melbourne's vibrant laneway graffiti
A lovely fox that I found hidden in a laneway I can’t quite place in Melbourne. Copyright Content Catnip 2014

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