Wellington Walks

Over the summer (which is Christmas and New Year in New Zealand) we were walking nearly every day over the hills and to the beach. Here’s a record of some of these walks. It is a pretty place for nature,hills and beaches Wellington. Although it is not a good idea to swim in the oceanContinue reading “Wellington Walks”

Travel: Wellington from city to wild coasts

Watch my video of the journey Wellington is unusual and amazing in that you can walk along the beach for 10 km and go from being in the middle of the city to being in a really remote and wind-swept marine sanctuary. There aren’t many other places in the world you can do that. Here’sContinue reading “Travel: Wellington from city to wild coasts”

Every picture tells a story: Spectacular sunset over Okahu Bay, Auckland

I am writing this post on the 5th of January and all going well, we will leave our current home and be residing somewhere else by the publishing date of this post at the end of March/April 2019. Back to the future indeed. Time passes so quickly and I’ve seen many sunsets on this planetContinue reading “Every picture tells a story: Spectacular sunset over Okahu Bay, Auckland”

Travel: Lazy summer weekend ideas on Melbourne’s Mornington Peninsula

Only got a weekend in Melbourne, but want to experience the best of an Aussie summer? The Mornington Peninsula is where to go. This is where the locals flock for the best beaches and laid back holiday vibe.  Located in the south east of Melbourne, it’s my original stomping ground and so I know itContinue reading “Travel: Lazy summer weekend ideas on Melbourne’s Mornington Peninsula”

A photo of the day: Dusk in St Heliers, Auckland

We have lived in Auckland for the past four years and every other day, I walk the length of Tamaki drive, a long 8 km sea-skimming road that is bike and pedestrian friendly. Although the city itself can be a pretty bland and tiresome, the walk along Tamaki drive is always different depending on theContinue reading “A photo of the day: Dusk in St Heliers, Auckland”

Summer on Mother’s beach, Mornington

It’s summer right now in Melbourne and everyone is recovering from Christmas overindulgence by rolling and tumbling to the beach to drink beer in the sun. I’ve got a wine spritzer in hand and I’m feeling really guilty about doing absolutely nothing. Today in 37 degrees and there is absolutely nothing you can do inContinue reading “Summer on Mother’s beach, Mornington”