Product Reviews: My Organics Haircare products

* I did not receive any free products or money for this review, I just like these products and they seem to work very well. You may have read my other review of the Goji Berry Hair Treatment by My Organics. This is literally the best thing for dry, curly and afro hair that youContinue reading “Product Reviews: My Organics Haircare products”

Jisei: Haunting Japanese death poems from history

Japan has a long history of jisei, or death poems. Jisei is the “farewell poem to life.” These poems were written by literate people, often monks, royalty or courtiers just before their death.  A Jisei from Prince Otsu in 686 BC is one of the earliest recorded death poems. Not all death poems are writtenContinue reading “Jisei: Haunting Japanese death poems from history”

Every picture tells a story: Spectacular sunset over Okahu Bay, Auckland

I am writing this post on the 5th of January and all going well, we will leave our current home and be residing somewhere else by the publishing date of this post at the end of March/April 2019. Back to the future indeed. Time passes so quickly and I’ve seen many sunsets on this planetContinue reading “Every picture tells a story: Spectacular sunset over Okahu Bay, Auckland”

A photo of the day: Dusk in St Heliers, Auckland

We have lived in Auckland for the past four years and every other day, I walk the length of Tamaki drive, a long 8 km sea-skimming road that is bike and pedestrian friendly. Although the city itself can be a pretty bland and tiresome, the walk along Tamaki drive is always different depending on theContinue reading “A photo of the day: Dusk in St Heliers, Auckland”

Product review: My Organic’s Goji Miracle Mask

I was a bit dubious when I first tried this product because I had never heard of this brand. Although a winning product feature was that it wasn’t tested on animals and was made from all organic ingredients.  This is yet another hair calming and soothing balm. It can be used in place of aContinue reading “Product review: My Organic’s Goji Miracle Mask”

Product review: Natio’s makeup range

About Natio  Natio is an Australian brand of cosmetics that is available in department stores and chemists in Australia and New Zealand. Underpinning their brand is a philosophy about creating make up and skincare that’s kind to the environment and uses only plant-derived, vegan ingredients. Also most importantly for me, is that they do notContinue reading “Product review: Natio’s makeup range”

Product review: Palmer’s Shea Formula Curl Cream

Yet another great cruelty-free product, this one is far superior to its non-cruelty free competitors. I have tried many hair oils and frizz calming serums in the past but none actually do what they claim and stop my head from looking like a poodle that just walked out of a hurricane.  If you have frizzy,Continue reading “Product review: Palmer’s Shea Formula Curl Cream”

Vintage textile: A treasure trove of online fashion from days of yore

Are you a fan of period clothing of the like seen on Downton Abbey, Poldark, Harlots and so on? I am and I’m not ashamed to admit that. Although the sublime beauty of these forms of clothing hides the fact of how uncomfortable women were, in their corsets and itchy lace and canvas constructions. StillContinue reading “Vintage textile: A treasure trove of online fashion from days of yore”

Badass Bitch and Fashionista Lee Lin Chin

Recently Lee Lin Chin bowed out as SBS World News’ most loved news anchor for the past 30 years. She is well-known in Australia for her graceful presence, avante-garde fashion sense, acid tongue and a strangely monotone way of delivering the news. Her twitter account is totally outrageous and she has won a cult followingContinue reading “Badass Bitch and Fashionista Lee Lin Chin”

Product Review: Natural Instinct Skincare Range

I came upon the Natural Instinct range via the new Chemist Warehouse which opened up in St Lukes Auckland. Chemist Warehouse is a gigantic Australian supermarket style chemist like Boots or Superdrug in the UK, they stock a lot of variety in makeup and skincare brands. One of the major bugbears and annoyances I’ve foundContinue reading “Product Review: Natural Instinct Skincare Range”