Travel: Maori waka ama (racing war canoe) on Auckland Harbour

Waka Ama is a sport akin to outrigger canoe racing or group rowing. It’s based on traditional modes of Polynesian sea travel which relied upon celestial navigation. Since the 80s and 90s high-tech canoes of Hawaiian or Polynesian design have become hugely popular as a sport among Māori, often performed as part of cultural festivals held […]


Future Moto Retro: Imaginary Auckland

There’s a strange nostalgia that happens when we view the future through a wonky, circus mirror of the past. This is where romanticism and nostalgia explode into a glitter bomb of exciting possibility. Welcome to Auckland in the year 2000, as imagined in 1956 by iconic New Zealand ad designer Bernard Roundhill. Roundhill loved the possibilities […]