Surreal vintage mental health posters from Japan

I found these amazing Japanese advertisements and vintage posters advertising Abilify, Zoloft, Ritalin, Serenase and other medications that are used for a variety of different mental health conditions. Despite me not knowing how to read Japanese, the storytelling here through design is evocative, straight-forward to understand and incredibly imaginative. It brings to mind Dali andContinue reading “Surreal vintage mental health posters from Japan”

Content Catnip TV: Team Lab Borderless, Tokyo

TeamLab Borderless in Tokyo is a remarkable audio-visual attraction in Tokyo and a must-see in the city if you ever visit. It’s on expansive, harbour-facing area of Odaiba which is encircled by the very scenic train ride, along with excellent shopping centre Diver City, which features a showcase level of award-winning ramen restaurants from throughoutContinue reading “Content Catnip TV: Team Lab Borderless, Tokyo”

Book Review: The Heading Dog That Split in Half by Brown and Tait

Aotearoa has a rich and varied history of folk legends and urban myths in addition to the rich history of Maori myth and legend. The Heading Dog Who Split in Half collects these half-realised dreams together with stunningly beautiful graphics. This book makes for engaging and captivating reading experience for readers of all ages. TheContinue reading “Book Review: The Heading Dog That Split in Half by Brown and Tait”

Beautiful Geometry: Hypnotic and Satisfying Geometric Art Blogs

I’ve written a lot about gifs in the past and how they throw a comical light on old forms of art, when remixed with renaissance art and also discussed what makes a gif become a piece of art.  I’ve looked at the intricate moving world of Paperholme, gif art which shows the whimsy of aContinue reading “Beautiful Geometry: Hypnotic and Satisfying Geometric Art Blogs”

All About Amazing Op Art

Op Art descended out of geometric art of the 50’s and the Bauhaus movement in Germany, which I have previously written about in the Origins of Flat Design. The 60’s was a period of discovery in science, psychology and new technology. This type of art reflects the experimental mood of that era. The pieces normallyContinue reading “All About Amazing Op Art”

Design: Adam Hillman’s symmetrical foods are oddly satisfying

Satisfy your inner control freak with this delectable selection of painstakingly colour coded and intricately arranged foods by Adam Hillman on Instagram. Hillman is now at the helm of one of the most popular Instagram accounts in the world due to his amazing collection of art which is funny, obsessive and quirky. Here is aContinue reading “Design: Adam Hillman’s symmetrical foods are oddly satisfying”

How animals would look in Minecraft

One clever coconut named Aditya has taken images from Unsplash and pixabay and created blocky, cube-shaped animals in novel art form known as Anicube. She created the images in Photoshop using the Liquify (Shift+Command+X) keys and then uploaded them to instagram. The comical and surreal results won her a lot of fans. See more of herContinue reading “How animals would look in Minecraft”

Book Review: Today, Tomorrow and Everyday by M.H. Clark

You know how you sometimes have those days, or even weeks or months when you feel un-moored to the shoreline and adrift in a lost world, floating aimlessly, feeling sad or morose? This is the kind of book every woman needs to feel found again. It’s that miraculous book that brings you right back toContinue reading “Book Review: Today, Tomorrow and Everyday by M.H. Clark”

The strange streetscapes in a Tokyo without ads

Nicolas Damiens is a French Graphic Designer who has worked for the past eight years in agencies all over the world. This collection of gifs that he made highlights an unkowable world without ads. It’s undoubtedly more peaceful and slightly unnerving, something is definitely missing from this picture. Source: Nicholas Damiens Source: Nicholas Damiens  Continue reading “The strange streetscapes in a Tokyo without ads”

Dumbo and Co: Charming Pics of Mid Century Elephants

Elephants are one of the largest land mammals on earth and also one of the longest lived, with a lifespan averaging 60 years or longer. In the Buddhist tradition, a white elephant is considered to be the incarnation of Buddha. Thus the rare appearance of a white elephant is still heralded as a manifestation ofContinue reading “Dumbo and Co: Charming Pics of Mid Century Elephants”