Surreal vintage mental health posters from Japan

I found these amazing Japanese advertisements and vintage posters advertising Abilify, Zoloft, Ritalin, Serenase and other medications that are used for a variety of different mental health conditions. Despite me not knowing how to read Japanese, the storytelling here through design is evocative, straight-forward to understand and incredibly imaginative. It brings to mind Dali andContinue reading “Surreal vintage mental health posters from Japan”

Book Review: You May Also Like by Tom Vanderbilt

Publisher: Knopf Genre: Non-Fiction, Psychology, Consumerism, Marketing Rating: 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 If you’re like me, you are an endlessly curious person who enjoys reading and learning about many things, and you like and enjoy a great many different things…if so, then here is a classic book for you! ‘You May Also Like’ endeavours to answer some fascinatingContinue reading “Book Review: You May Also Like by Tom Vanderbilt”

Book Review: The Elements of Eloquence by Mark Forsyth – Part 1

Mark Forsyth is the witty and effervescent writer of several books on the history of language, etymology and linguistics. The Elements of Eloquence explains the timeless art of crafting memorable one liners. In other words, the rules of classical rhetoric.   This is a great guide for writers who want to master the subtle artContinue reading “Book Review: The Elements of Eloquence by Mark Forsyth – Part 1”

Exotic Ads of the Past: Golden Eyes and Her Hero Bill Over There

During the World War I era, modern young women in America were seeking new roles of equality and opportunity in education and work. American illustrator and writer Nell Brinkley was iconic for her representations during the period. She redefined femininity, fashion and trends in many ways in era before mass media – when print wasContinue reading “Exotic Ads of the Past: Golden Eyes and Her Hero Bill Over There”

Travel: Weird subway ads in Japan

On a recent trip to Japan I took mountains of footage.  Advertising is totally out of this world and so I created this homage to Japanese ads, on trains, JR stations, the streets and so on. I created these gifs with colour distortion to properly convey the feelings you have in situ. Initially,  after aContinue reading “Travel: Weird subway ads in Japan”

Retro TV Channels from the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s are on the internet for all posterity

Want something a little bit different for your next party? Here’s  a novel idea for entertaining guests. A modern browser version of vintage TV channels featuring soaps, ads, comedy, drama, music and even news from particular decades! Find it here The only requirement is that you use a PC for this app rather than a touchscreenContinue reading “Retro TV Channels from the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s are on the internet for all posterity”

An exploration of the aesthetics of cuteness

The answer to why dogs and tiny horses can be used in therapy for PTSD and why cats rule the internet lays squarely in the pulling power of cuteness. But why do we find things cute and what are the commonly shared criteria for cuteness all over the world? According to psychologist Dr. Sandra Pimentel,Continue reading “An exploration of the aesthetics of cuteness”

Lucy Sparrow’s Fantastical Felt Mountain of Consumable Goods

Lucy Sparrow is a quirky felt artist who mass produces felt replicas of branded goods like grocery store items, fresh fruit and veg, daily papers. She loves to recreate well-known and loved foods from British households and then sell them in quaint corner stores where people can purchase these reasonably priced and bite size piecesContinue reading “Lucy Sparrow’s Fantastical Felt Mountain of Consumable Goods”

The strange streetscapes in a Tokyo without ads

Nicolas Damiens is a French Graphic Designer who has worked for the past eight years in agencies all over the world. This collection of gifs that he made highlights an unkowable world without ads. It’s undoubtedly more peaceful and slightly unnerving, something is definitely missing from this picture. Source: Nicholas Damiens Source: Nicholas Damiens  Continue reading “The strange streetscapes in a Tokyo without ads”