Film Review: Backtrack Boys

Framing delinquent youth as hopeless cases is a common narrative ploy by a ruthless and shallow media. There’s the assumption that youths are going to gather together in gangs, commit crimes and cause havoc. Director Catherine Scott has thrown a fresh bucket of water on an old stereotype. Just as she did in her otherContinue reading “Film Review: Backtrack Boys”

The Summer 2020 Film Tag: My Film Recommendations

Here are some films that have held my imagination captive for a long time after seeing them this summer. Along with a few other films that I regret seeing and wish I could have the time back. * Contains no spoilers

Travel: The Eastern Cape by Content Catnip

I filmed our recent road trip. The track you are hearing is Halcyon&On&On by Orbital, a rave-era classic I love and it always makes me feel uplifted and happy and ready to embrace life with an open heart and open hands. I superimposed some of my interesting oil, glitter and water experimentations over the topContinue reading “Travel: The Eastern Cape by Content Catnip”

Retro TV Channels from the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s are on the internet for all posterity

Want something a little bit different for your next party? Here’s  a novel idea for entertaining guests. A modern browser version of vintage TV channels featuring soaps, ads, comedy, drama, music and even news from particular decades! Find it here The only requirement is that you use a PC for this app rather than a touchscreenContinue reading “Retro TV Channels from the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s are on the internet for all posterity”

Life on an Edwardian Farm

In this series by the BBC, a group of historians and archaeologists recreate the running of a farm during the Edwardian era. This is a fascinating series that was originally aired in 2011 and now resides on countless Youtube channels – for better or worse with regards to copyright. Still, these issues aside this isContinue reading “Life on an Edwardian Farm”

Style inspiration: 90’s era Denise Huxtable

Lisa Bonet aka Denise Huxtable from the Cosby Show was a 80’s and 90’s style maven who had a timeless way of pulling together an outfit and then carrying it off with poise and grace. Her funky and unusual fashion choices left a mark on many young women of that era (including me). Her hairContinue reading “Style inspiration: 90’s era Denise Huxtable”

Signs Of The Times in The Simpsons

Everyone’s favourite yellow-bodied people in The Simpsons inhabit a world of biting satire and strange congruences to our 3D world. J.J. Jones is the creator of the underground Tumblr blog Signs of Springfield. He has collected stills of billboards and signs in Simpsons episodes and posted these onto his Tumblr blog. These blink-and-you’ll-miss-it signs revealContinue reading “Signs Of The Times in The Simpsons”