Life on an Edwardian Farm

Life on an Edwardian Farm

In this series by the BBC, a group of historians and archaeologists recreate the running of a farm during the Edwardian era. This is a fascinating series that was originally aired in 2011 and now resides on countless Youtube channels – for better or worse with regards to copyright. Still, these issues aside this is a wonderful series and worthy of your time – it’s incredibly addictive for anyone who loves history and particularly British history.

The farming team are made up of historian Ruth Goodman and archaeologists Alex Langlands and Peter Ginn who are given the mammoth task of running and managing an Edwardian farm for 12 months located on  Morwellham Quay, an historic port town in Devon.

Life on an Edwardian Farm

Located on a beautiful river and with all of its original buildings, life on an Edwardian Farm has everyone dressed in period clothes – the result is rather scenic and delightful and sets the imagination into gear for how it would have been to live in those times.

Each of the 12 episodes corresponds with a month in the calendar year. The rural life in those days consisted of making the most of the bounty of nature and living off the land and animals and subject to the unpredictable vagaries of nature. The Edwardian era also ushered in the new industrial farming practices which sadly began to usurp the use of beautiful farm horses.

Each episode is delightful. January sees Alex and Peter go down a copper mine. They farm the first daffodils in March. In May, a steamboat full of tourists arrives. In October they begin a market garden selling strawberries and they celebrate a spooky Feast of All Souls aka Samhuinn/Samhain.

If you enjoy British history, or you enjoy novels set in this time, then you will enjoy this series. Well worth a watch and all 12 episodes are available on YouTube.

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