Featured Artist: Jen Muir’s Photorealistic Pet Portraits   

Featured Artist: Jen Muir's Photorealistic Pet Portraits   

Jen Muir is an illustrator currently residing in Scotland where she crafts intricate, sublime and whimsical watercolours and pencil drawings.

Although she’s always loved making art, Jen begun working as an artist when she took a year off University to do a visual communications course.

“I usually use watercolour and graphite for making things, but lately I’ve been experimenting with oil pencils and pastels. I typically make illustrative work for children and scientific illustrations,” she says.

Jen has a strong affinity with animals. She is well known for her fantastical paintings of animals both real and imagined in strangely beautiful contexts.

These paintings resonated deeply with me. I saw that Jen also does pet portraits so I got in touch with her for a pet portrait of my favourite furry friend – a cheeky and mischievous Burmese cat named Pearl.

Pearl currently resides with my mum, but I still fancy that I am her favourite human, even though we live on a different continent. I commissioned Jen to do a watercolour of Pearl, so that I could stare up at her all the time in my lounge room.

Over the years, Jen has developed her freelance business as an artist. She took a course on starting up a small business with the Princes Trust and found this useful to learn the boring but necessary skills of kicking off a freelance enterprise.

Howler Monkey by Jen Muir
Howler Monkey by Jen Muir


As well as being a creative, Jen is a roving adventurer at heart.

“In the future I would like to combine my art with more animal conservation interests, possibly through illustrating species guides and educational work,” says Jen.

Soon she is off to Brazil for a month for conservation research, and she plans on making some beautiful art there.

Thank you Jen for your beautiful painting of Pearl. Good luck in Brazil!

Do you have a pet that you absolutely adore? Perhaps one that has sadly now left this world? I recommend getting Jen to immortalise your pet with one of her wonderful true-to-life paintings.

Her prices are really reasonable for the quality of the painting received. View her portfolio and book your pet portrait

Silvery marmoset by Jen Muir
Silvery marmoset by Jen Muir



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