Style inspiration: 90's era Lisa Bonet

Style inspiration: 90’s era Denise Huxtable

Lisa Bonet aka Denise Huxtable from the Cosby Show was a 80’s and 90’s style maven who had a timeless way of pulling together an outfit and then carrying it off with poise and grace. Her funky and unusual fashion choices left a mark on many young women of that era (including me). Her hair was ever-changing and ranged from free flowing curly locks to short, shaven and cropped into a gamine pixie cut. As an African American or mixed race teenager, Denise Huxtable gave prominence to a rarely seen on TV (in those days) form of female beauty – of brown or latte coloured skin and curly, unruly hair. As a child seeing a girl of mixed race on TV I found this comforting and reassuring that I wasn’t the only one. Her choice of earrings, jewellry and makeup were always on point. She was a style icon and continues to inspire many fashion conscious young women with her unique blend of African inspired hats, slouchy jumpers, romantic jewellery and fresh make up.

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