The Eastern Cape by Content Catnip

Travel: The Eastern Cape by Content Catnip

I filmed our recent road trip. The track you are hearing is Halcyon&On&On by Orbital, a rave-era classic I love and it always makes me feel uplifted and happy and ready to embrace life with an open heart and open hands.

I superimposed some of my interesting oil, glitter and water experimentations over the top of my footage to get the full wavy-gravy trippy effect.

I hope you enjoy my journey through the Eastern Cape.

6 thoughts on “Travel: The Eastern Cape by Content Catnip

  1. Great vid! Isn’t it a great country we live in? So far from the mass coastal tourism overwhelming Europe. Those look like super ancient carvings towards the end – any info/stories about them?

    1. Yeah New Zealand would be one of them, in Scotland too we saw them once. They are beautiful creatures, they seem very vulnerable on land but when they waddle off into the water, they can fly.

  2. I’ve never been to NZ except in movies. Nice song choice. A very tranquil video. Amazing you got so close to that seal.

    1. I am so glad you liked it 🙂 I was listening to this music on my stereo in the car while driving around there on this road trip, so it was very personal that song choice, it adds to the spacey, airy vibe of it, and the place has a lot of sense of wide open spaces, a real sense of wildness and freedom in a way.

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