An exploration of the aesthetics of cuteness

The answer to why dogs and tiny horses can be used in therapy for PTSD and why cats rule the internet lays squarely in the pulling power of cuteness. But why do we find things cute and what are the commonly shared criteria for cuteness all over the world? According to psychologist Dr. Sandra Pimentel,Continue reading “An exploration of the aesthetics of cuteness”

Postconscious: a web experiment

POSTCONSCIOUS is a web experiment by Andrew McCarthy that extracts random posts from Twitter, and reads them aloud using Speech Cloud text-to-speech. The app uses a cute and kitsch reverb effects and a retro typeface called Space Mono. What results is a strange echo-chamber of vaguely familiar and yet alien sounding voices coming out ofContinue reading “Postconscious: a web experiment”

Stock photos from hell

Prepare to enter a truly surreal and fantastical realm. These stock photos were created by people who had the most noble intentions of using these images in a myriad of situations. Although just how many people purchased these stock photos I wonder? I’d mortgage my house and sell my family to bet that nobody hasContinue reading “Stock photos from hell”

The strange streetscapes in a Tokyo without ads

Nicolas Damiens is a French Graphic Designer who has worked for the past eight years in agencies all over the world. This collection of gifs that he made highlights an unkowable world without ads. It’s undoubtedly more peaceful and slightly unnerving, something is definitely missing from this picture. Source: Nicholas Damiens Source: Nicholas Damiens  Continue reading “The strange streetscapes in a Tokyo without ads”

What The Heck is Electronic Mail? Asks Ad From 1977

Global technology company Honeywell is still alive and kicking in 2015 but in 1977 the idea of electronic mail was certainly novel and almost unfathomable. It’s so fascinating to see how previous decades, what’s unimaginable in our daily lives becomes commonplace. And everyday objects that were commonplace fade to black and become pieces of quaintContinue reading “What The Heck is Electronic Mail? Asks Ad From 1977”

Free Storytelling Tool Demonstrates Game of Thrones Map

Geo-located map apps are fun to make and fun for the audience to engage with. These storytelling tools have huge potential when the story is map-based. StoryMap can implement multimedia, text and interactivity along with location relevance. StoryMapJS is the brainchild of Northerwestern Univeristy Knight Lab and is a digital storyteller’s dream. To demonstrate it’sContinue reading “Free Storytelling Tool Demonstrates Game of Thrones Map”

Bill Bailey Demands Release Of Land Snails in Polynesia

In a fascinating Guardian interactive entitled Seven Digital Sins, Comedian Bill Bailey muses on how the abundance of campaigns on social media causes us all to go into meltdown. As a consequence, we never become deeply involved in social causes and ideas that we are passionate about, beyond the paltry click-click of our keyboards. HisContinue reading “Bill Bailey Demands Release Of Land Snails in Polynesia”