Release the Snails!

Bill Bailey Demands Release Of Land Snails in Polynesia

In a fascinating Guardian interactive entitled Seven Digital Sins, Comedian Bill Bailey muses on how the abundance of campaigns on social media causes us all to go into meltdown. As a consequence, we never become deeply involved in social causes and ideas that we are passionate about, beyond the paltry click-click of our keyboards.

His video about this phenomenon is so funny. Click on the picture to be taken to the video.

Release the Snails!

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‘The internet is this dark and unpredictable and dangerous thing. And we just flit around it. It’s like plucking gummy bears off the back of a panther.

‘Can you come to Polynesia to release some land snails? I mean that was my favourite. I nearly did it. I probably would have done, had I not been so busy.

‘If you get a bit too handy with the clicking and liking, you take your eye off the ball, you’ve adopted a honey badger. What can you do, you can’t unadopt it!’ Bill Bailey

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Bailey is so right about the state of the digital world. It’s hard to apportion a generous amount of time to the causes you feel are important, when there is so much other hullabaloo and rumpus going on all over the place, all of it demanding your immediate and unadulterated attention.

Have you ever intended to donate to something, only for your mobile to make a sound, your microwaved soup to finish or an important email to arrive. And your motivation and resolve to make a difference is ruined. Come on! I know it’s not just me!

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