Free Storytelling Tool Demonstrates Game of Thrones Map

Geo-located map apps are fun to make and fun for the audience to engage with. These storytelling tools have huge potential when the story is map-based. StoryMap can implement multimedia, text and interactivity along with location relevance. StoryMapJS is the brainchild of Northerwestern Univeristy Knight Lab and is a digital storyteller’s dream.

To demonstrate it’s potential, here’s the tool at work, transposed onto the wonderful and well-known Game of Thrones map. To follow Arya on her journey through Westeros, click on the map…



This sort of map is useful for content creation and can be used for brand stories or traditional journalism. Al Jazeera America recently tracked the missing Malaysian Airlines flight MH370 using the StoryMapJS app as well.

To have a play around with the tool yourself, click on the picture below


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