Moondog: The enigmatic jazz wizard of post-war NYC

I came across Moon dog on one of those long and meandering trips through obscure music on YouTube. He was a true innovator and an avante-garde enigma. For one he looked like Gandalf or Hagrid. Aside from this, he also invented several new musical instruments including a small triangular instrument he called the Ooo andContinue reading “Moondog: The enigmatic jazz wizard of post-war NYC”

Book Review: The Tender Bar by JR Moehringer

Full disclosure, I find all of my books second hand in a charity shop which is particularly full of a lot of good quality books that are at least decade old. Thus I came upon this little gem which was published in 2005. A NYT bestseller (a stamp of approval I think actually bears toContinue reading “Book Review: The Tender Bar by JR Moehringer”

Lucy Sparrow’s Fantastical Felt Mountain of Consumable Goods

Lucy Sparrow is a quirky felt artist who mass produces felt replicas of branded goods like grocery store items, fresh fruit and veg, daily papers. She loves to recreate well-known and loved foods from British households and then sell them in quaint corner stores where people can purchase these reasonably priced and bite size piecesContinue reading “Lucy Sparrow’s Fantastical Felt Mountain of Consumable Goods”

Every Picture Tells A Story: Teens in Brooklyn (1980’s)

A booming melting pot of ethnicities and a kaleidoscope of cool new music and art, Brooklyn before the hipsters arrived there must have been a cool place to hang out in the 1980’s. Here teens show off their Trans Am car in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn, circa 1983. The vampish make-up and neon, that chrome hood gleamingContinue reading “Every Picture Tells A Story: Teens in Brooklyn (1980’s)”

Memories of Studio 54: Halcyon & on & on

For the relatively short time of 33 months in the late 1970’s, Studio 54 was the decadent soft centre of 70s hedonism in NYC. Naysayers called it a sleazy and dangerous place. But for famous people and completely unknown but beautiful young things, it was a place where people could get up to whatever theyContinue reading “Memories of Studio 54: Halcyon & on & on”