Book Review: Today, Tomorrow and Everyday by M.H. Clark

Book Review: Today, Tomorrow and Everyday

You know how you sometimes have those days, or even weeks or months when you feel un-moored to the shoreline and adrift in a lost world, floating aimlessly, feeling sad or morose?

This is the kind of book every woman needs to feel found again. It’s that miraculous book that brings you right back to the present moment and where you are right now. It’s a book to settle down with in a comfy chair and feel satisfied that you’re here, right where you are, right now.

Book Review: Today, Tomorrow and Everyday

Today, Tomorrow and Everyday is a book from the worn-out genre of self-development or affirmations. When I googled the book I discovered that it came from a company called Compendium that produces other seasonal books of high quality designed specifically as gifts, such as Christmas books and so on.

Yet despite this fact, (which did mortify me a fair bit) I found myself instantly and magnetically attracted to this book’s contents.

Today, Tomorrow and Everyday is different from many other books of this genre. For one, it’s designed immaculately and beautifully and has laser-cut endsheets, cloth quarter-binding, gilded edges, and a foil-stamps on it.

The design is beautiful but the words themselves are undoubtedly personal and written by someone with a true gift for engaging and personalising text, so that this book felt at once mine and mine only, as though it was written by a close friend.

This book was gifted to me from my mother for my birthday, and it felt strangely as though she would say these words to me herself, if she was feeling particularly open that day. So much so that I actually cried a bit while I was reading it.

This is no small feat – In fact this is nothing short of miraculous. These kinds of schmaltzy books normally make my stomach turn and make me squint my eyes.

So in short, I would heartily recommend women to get this book either for themselves or for someone they love. And if you’re a man and looking for a gift for your girlfriend (and she happens to enjoy deep-thinking, heart-felt affirmations and pretty design) then you can’t go past this book as a potential Christmas gift. See here.

Virtually nobody seems to have reviewed this on Good Reads, so here you go-  I’ll be the first.

Book Review: Today, Tomorrow and Everyday

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